Osama Bin Laden Announced Dead & Canada Votes for its next PM – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – May 2, 2011

Cornwall ON – May Day, May 1st has been associated with organized labour for an awfully long time.    During WW2 the Nazi’s tried to make it their day to pull from the Communists who were for so long synonymous with organized labour around the world.

On May 1st the US announced that it had shot and killed Osama Bin Laden as reported world wide.

It’s sucking the air out of most other headlines world wide today including our election here in Canada.

From reading various media reports the official spin is that Mr. Bin Laden was finally found after all these years in Pakistan and that US forces zoomed in.

Mr.Bin Laden was offered surrender, refused and was shot and killed with his body being buried at sea after following Muslim traditions.

It’s odd and weird in a sense.  Conspiracy theorists are already scribbling all over the internet about it with many interesting summations.

Sadly this news is causing a buzz here in Canada where it’s election day.   We here in Canada have a very big choice to make.    According to most polls Mr. Harper will not be getting his majority.  The polls also have the Orange surge breaking past Quebec and vaulting Mr. Layton into official opposition.

Some ridings of interest; it looks like Thomas Mulcair will have repelled the challenge from former Liberal MP Martin Cauchon and in Saanich it looks like it’s going to be a race to the wire for Green Party leader Elizabeth May.   The NDP are doing well in her riding too and splitting the vote to the point where she may fail in her attempt to gain her seat; something that may cause the demise of the party in Canada as their National numbers are lower in the polls.   In my riding it looks like the incumbent, Conservative MP Guy Lauzon will benefit from vote splitting and eke his way back in spite of personal and professional scandals, and a lack lustre performance in the campaign and during his last term in the riding.

Mr. Lauzon’s non handling of the bridge crisis has been booed at debates as has his ability to impact the area when it comes to jobs.  His campaign lobbying regarding our airport expansion has also been criticized as he’d been near silenced about it prior and not shown any support to municipal efforts for expansion.

Spring is a time for change, and it looks like the Canadian political scene is changing.   Personally I hope that this election sends a very loud message to our politicians that our votes do count.

That you can’t just keep selling out Canadian citizens.   That putting industry reps into governing agencies isn’t something that’s good for Canada; that Canadians really want better internet service, and respect for what we are trying to do in Canada.   We want Medicare, we want balanced budgets, and yes, even surpluses to reduce our debt load.  Mostly, we want out votes to count and those we vote for to LISTEN TO US.

I hope that message is heard.  I hope that Canadian politicians listen.

And I hope that as many of us go out and vote today, and not get distracted by foreign headlines.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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James Moak



  1. They’ve been chasing him most wanted for years. They got rid of the body? Amazing.

  2. They buried him at sea because they didn’t want any country to make a shrine to Osama. This way, if you want to be with Osama you just have to jump in the sea and take a deep breath.

  3. or maybe he is not really dead – being an ex CIA trained commando? New Identity, new life, all at the tax payers expense. It has been done before.

  4. Never ceases to amaze me how if you do not pay your taxes the government can find you as quick as lightning, yet Osama blows up the Twin Towers and it takes them 10 years…www.911truth.org/

    ~Seek the TRUTH ~ Do not be a ‘sheeple’

  5. He’s really hiding in the preacher’s garage.

  6. You would think they would actually show his face to satisfy the public, and silence his followers. Now in some instances he is a martyr and to others he is still alive. The burial at sea was carried out in order to prevent people from building a place of praise or mecca.

    Someone mentioned DNA testing was completed, DNA testing takes five to ten days for the test alone barring any complications. They did it in less then 24 hours?

    I see the US is claiming glory in this victory, but is it really the US we should be crediting. With Pakistan on the verge of civil war, deals can be made to ensure weapons and support thus permitting the US to fly in near one of the largest military camps in the area.

    Did Osama really exist? 9-11 followed a proposal by member of the senate asking the US military to cut spending. Could this have been the ultimate in conspiracies? Both George W and his dad answered war funding using very similar abatements…”Americans need not worry it is taken care of”

  7. Osama bin Laden is dead! This is good news for the western world, although I am very excited to find out what Qaeda and the other terror networks is going to do after all this? Possibly a type retaliation ?

  8. Jannich
    I think they are looking for a new CEO

  9. it is somewhat comical how a man once highly ranked in the Mujadin which the US fully supported in the fight against the then USSR has now become a wanted terrorist

    It does go to prove the difference between a terrorist and a freedom figter is based on what side you are fighting for

  10. I think it was responsible in the US to bury the body according to his religion. It would only give a reason for more attacks and outrage at the US. Just because they have been so disrespectful doesn’t mean we ought to do the same. Someone has to act like more than common animals

  11. According to tradition a muslim must be buried in the earth and not in the sea. But the US did the right thing in order to avert a country becomg a shrine to Bin Laden. Then again he wasn’t a man to be revered, he was a cold-blooded killer of women and children. The world is a better place without him!

  12. Guess we’re still winning, and only 8 years in for Canada. Let’s see, at no less than a hundred billion dollars, if we keep winning at this rate …well, putting aside the155 lives torn from Canadian troops, and their families and loved ones plus 10 times that with scars seen and unseen…

    Just how long will we allow this waste of our nation’s blood, and life, in support of corruption, superstition and the exchange of one murderous unjust system for another.

    I can support our brothers and sisters who answered a call to duty, but I can’t support the cheerleaders and war mongers in Parliament, and industry, who profit and shamelessly court support from the comfortable, naive, and well fed populace, whose biggest fights are traffic, weight, or a phone or cable bill.

  13. totally agree with you treasa waters but being a muslim i should tell you that the USA is lying about burying usama at sea being according to islamic traditions. in Islam we always AND I MEAN ALWAYS bury the dead. ask any muslim child. this bullshit about following islamic traditions just gets me so mad (even thought i hate bin laden). Also in Islam Usama was orignally the name of a very devout companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

  14. Oh oh…Heads up! Incoming preacher! Take cover immediately!

  15. Why are we still talking about this POS? Thats all he was.

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