A Chill in the Morning After Election Night – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – May 3, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Well the Canadian people have spoken.   This morning we wake up to a Harper majority government with the Conservatives picking up 167 of 308 seats in Parliament.   It’s pretty clear.

We can talk about the politics of spin.  We can talk about corruption.  We can talk about dirty tricks, but at the end of the day Mr. Harper and his team have their wish.

Jack Layton and the NDP also have benefited.   They get their first opportunity to be the official opposition.  Their Quebec based push have all but destroyed the Bloc Quebecois and while that gives hope for us that would like to see a strong unified Canada I but wonder the effect and impact of a Harper majority on Les Belles Province?

We now can expect the Fighter jets to go through as there’s no way to stop them.   The senate is probably safe too.   The CBC, well I’m afraid to see what Mr. Harper and friends do to that institution…

The Long Gun Registry?   Abortion rights?  Civil rights?  Choices?  This election reminds me in many ways of the second Bush Jr. win.  They had a tall sorta intellectual lose for the Democrats in that one; John Kerry, who even looked a bit like Mr. Ignatieff who somehow managed to do worse against Mr. Harper than Mr. Dion.

We can expect higher internet rates too as I don’t see Mr. Harper opposing the big telecoms now that the election is over.

A lot of civil servants are worried in Ottawa today about their jobs and futures; as are many Canadians after this election.

There’s a Chinese curse; something to the effect, “May you live in interesting times…”

Canada today and for the next four years is going to be living very interesting times….

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. Happy , Happy , Happy…
    Happy, the conservatives have a majority and Harper can work a full term without his hands tied. He earned it. Happy, Layton is the new opposition party. He has worked hard. He earned it. Maybe a PM in waiting.(God forbid) Happy, the liberals finally got their due for “ad scam ” and all the cronies. They deserved it too. We would have hit them sooner but we couldn’t trust the conservatives with a majority until Harper proved they were small “c”, and not a rerun of Mulroney days. Happy, “The Block” are blocked. They earned it as well. Lets pass a law that says,” you try to brake up this awesome country, we brake up you!” There is a strong home for Quebeckers in Canada but there is no place in federal parliament for a separatist. And even May got her seat! Maybe it should read Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, because by golly she earned it too.

  2. I believe we are in for interesting times Im happy for the NDP and I dont think its very chivalrous to kick the liberlas when they’re down. Im glad we’ll have four years of stable govenment and unless your extremely geogrphically challenged you’ll agree we need an air force. I also believe that no matter what happens there will always be those who will never be pleased one way or the other.

  3. Finally a good government in Canada!!

    It will be interesting to see Layton as official opposition. I feel he will learn it is a whole perspective in politics. It is easy to shout from the cheap seats but a whole new feeling to run with the bulls.

    We mustn’t forget it is Quebec that was their godsend. History dictates Quebec will do what is ever necessary to stay alive. In this case they were fed up with the bloc and voted them out. I can almost assure you next election there will be a rise by the bloc and the NDP shall resumes it’s standing as a support group.

    I just hope Quebec does not become Layton’s mandate as he allows al his social program promises slide trying to ensure NDP support n Quebec…

  4. Best hope for Canada is that the newly elected government includes a good number of PCs to counter Reform-Alliance extremism.

  5. And the financial market continues to comment on the Conservative majority with another loss on the TSX. The two day total since the election is -320 points. Now we see what Bay Street really thinks of the Harper dream.

  6. tsx tsx tsx….get into the global economy reg…gawd such a small mind

  7. How do you know that the market is “commenting” on the Conservative majority? Maybe it’s commenting on the death of Osama bin Laden.

  8. Hey, it was the conservatives that brought up the economy in every debate. They are supposed to be the economic saviors of Canada. The sun was supposed to shine and the markets were going to run with the bulls. I’m waiting. I see a lot of bull but it’s just sitting on the ground in a plop.

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