Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – May brings Sun and Wind – Cornwall Ontario – May 3, 2011

Cornwall ON – Can you believe it is May already?  Time really does not stand still for anyone.  One of the things that I like about warmer weather is being able to hang clothes out to dry.  Besides the obvious energy and dollar conserving benefits of harnessing the sun and wind for this task, I find it relaxing to listen to the birds singing, the leaves rustling, the frogs peeping while doing the hanging and folding.  With the ever increasing distractions and intrusions of the day to day, the simple act of hanging the laundry offers the additional benefit of time alone with ones own thoughts. 

Our family installed a clothes line when we moved into our home in 1999.  We decided on a rotary type clothes line (pictured below) and chose the most robust model available locally at the time.  This style of apparatus is great for small spaces, or if, like us, you wish to confine the hanging laundry in a smaller area.  The model we have allows you to adjust the height and holds about 3 loads of laundry…so it can easily accommodate the needs of a family of four.  Clotheslines are available in a variety of models, for indoor and outdoor use depending on the needs and space availability required.  To get an idea of the options available visit

For everyone living or traveling near wetland areas, lakes, streams… this is the time of year that ducks, geese and turtles (just to name a few) are moving around looking for food and staking out their nesting areas.  When traveling near these wetland areas please keep an eye out for the abundance of wildlife busy doing what they do naturally this time of year.  They depend on our vigilance to stay safe.

As the spring season progresses we begin to see fresh, locally grown produce.  I had the pleasure of harvesting some fresh asparagus from our flower bed this week-end.  It was absolutely delicious.  Steamed, with a little butter…simple and nutritious.  Do support and look for locally grown asparagus in your local farmers market or grocery store now.  Look for the grown in Ontario logo.

In case you haven’t already noticed, the trilliums are sprouting from their winter slumber.  A hardwood forest floor covered in a carpet of white and red trilliums is a sight to behold.  This blooming is here for a short while only, so take a walk in a forest near you and enjoy the new life and beauty it has to offer.

The St. Lawrence River Institute, Cornwall, Ontario is hosting a conference this week at the NavCanada Centre.  The general public is invited to attend a talk by Michael Runtz, whose photographs combined with his extensive knowledge of natural biology laced with his animated speaking style are sure to entertain all who attend his presentation entitled, “Life in the Wetland”, this Wednesday, May 4, at 7:30 p.m.  The community is welcome to attend for a fee of $15.00 payable at the door.  Please call 613-936-6620 to reserve your spot.

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