PC Ontario Leader Tim Hudak Weighs in on Harper Majority Victory – May 3, 2011

Queens Park ON – “On behalf of the Ontario PC Party, I want to congratulate Prime Minister Stephen Harper upon the election of a Conservative majority government.

“Yesterday’s results show Ontario families overwhelmingly voted in support of a government that focuses on their priorities.

“It’s clear they want a government that lowers taxes, respects how hard they work and provides them with the relief they deserve.”

— Tim Hudak, MPP, Leader of the Official Opposition and the Ontario PC Party

Scott Beck



  1. And the financial markets respond to a Conservative majority with a drop in the TSX of 242 points.

  2. And not a word about addressing such pressing priorities as climate change/the environment, healthcare, poverty and education.

  3. More like 500 points now, Reg.

  4. PJR, do you stand in front of the microwave and yell at it to hurry up? ha ha Give them a week to solve all of Canada’s problems, at least! LOL
    The TSX went down to about the same level as mid March, but still close to 2,000 more than last July, but the world issue and other markets are the main causes.

    Tim covered the bases well with a few words.

  5. Why should I be reasonable? The Conservatives have never been reasonable in their criticisms.

  6. Simply stating a fact, Eric. Go easy, or you’ll give yourself HBP.

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