Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day..Funeral in the Rain and Other Musings by Jamie Gilcig or John Baird Comes to Cornwall Ontario – May 16, 2011

Cornwall ON – Today has not been my favorite day.   Not even in my top 10,000 days.   Saying goodbye to a friend is never an easy task.  Saying it in the rain is very sad….

Today I went to my friend Joe Gunn’s funeral.   He was loyal and giving with me.   We didn’t always agree on things, but we had a good rapport.   He appreciated some of my qualities and I appreciated some of his.

The church this morning was full of people and I’m sure Joe was smiling; especially as John Baird came down from Ottawa and shared not only his words, but a message from Prime Minister Harper.

There were plenty of politicians present as well to celebrate Joe’s historic life here in Cornwall Ontario from City Councilors to current and former MP’s and MPP’s.    I sat with MPP Jim Brownell who spoke glowingly of Joe’s years as a school board trustee.

It was a lovely ceremony and a celebration of  life.    I chatted with his son for a bit and we shared a few war stories about his dad.   Again my condolences to the entire Gunn clan.

And then it was back into the cold rain.   Defroster on; racing to the office for a bit before the 1 PM press conference at City Hall where more sad news was shared; this time about Mayor Kilger and the challenge he’ll be facing.

Watching the tears in Bernadette Clement’s eyes said what words could not…. Other than the very rude CTV camera man that kept stepping into my shots while covering the Mayor’s statement it was a very powerful moment for many in the room.   I will put our mayor in my prayers as he always been generous and kind to me as I started this newspaper and sister radio station; not only with his words, but with his time.

And time my dear viewers is the most precious thing we have on this planet.

As I stepped back into the rain and felt the chill fall over me I gazed around and saw how green everything has become.   As I type this in my office; which I’m moving out of soon (which is a whole other story) I’m seeing leaves on the trees and flowers starting to bloom which reminds me that ultimately we are all part of the cycle of life.

So in parting let’s all appreciate what we have; the good, the people that give us cause to smile, and who we care about and care about us.

Thank you each and every one,

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News.

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