Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak to cut HST from Home Hydro and Heating Bills if Elected – May 20, 2011 – Toronto Ontario – AUDIO

Toronto ON – Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak announced that a PC government would provide immediate relief for families and seniors facing rising energy costs by removing the HST from home hydro and heating bills, and removing the debt retirement charge from home hydro bills.

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An Ontario PC government will provide Ontario families with real, permanent household relief by:


  • Removing the HST from residential hydro bills. The HST has made life unaffordable for many families. Combine that with expensive energy experiments and hydro bills are soaring.
  • Removing the HST from residential home heating bills (natural gas and other fuels). We live in Canada where heating our homes isn’t a luxury. Increasing the cost with a tax increase is unfair.
  • Removing the Debt Retirement Charge from residential hydro bills.


Taken together, these three steps will give a typical Ontario household $275 in immediate relief from rising energy bills.


“After talking to families, party members and our unprecedented ‘Have Your Say Ontario’ survey, it’s clear that people in Ontario want relief from Dalton McGuinty’s HST and skyrocketing hydro bills.”

–Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Party Leader

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  1. I wonder what his take is on taxing us for water? Is H2O the next big trading commodity?

    Also will we have a refund for the over payment Hydor recieved on the debt retirement fee?

  2. At last….someone who understands what these damn Fiberals are putting us through! I’m voting Conservative for Tim Hudak. The last good government we had was also Conservative with Mike Harris. Don’t you just love it! The Conservatives certainly know what they’re doing!

  3. Author

    They are called Water Meters Smee. We are about to be taxed for Water they way they are in Ottawa.

  4. There was disucssion on the news lastnite Jamie at selling and trading water as a commodity of sorts. I was asking about that.

    I think we spoke before about water, If the world is a closed loop where is it all going?

    Hudak wants to remove taxes on heating claiming “We live in Canada where heating our homes isn’t a luxury. Increasing the cost with a tax increase is unfair. “then how can they tax water, we need it to live.

    Heat I can create water takes a little longer

  5. This has been part of the NDP’s platform for over a year. The only part that is new here is that the Conservative, like the Liberals, are trying to highjack the NDP’s platform. Don’t be fooled by Hudat.

  6. NDP. yea right the surcharge hidden fee government.

    If the NDP are so much into ending the fee how come they do not challenge Hudak claiming it was there concept

  7. smee, don’t bug me, just piss off, u r a dink.

  8. NDP pledges to remove HST from electricity, home heating
    Provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath speaks at the NDP Northern Council annual convention at the Radisson Hotel in Sudbury March 5, 2010.

    Mar 06, 2011
    Andrea Horwath speaks at party’s nort

  9. We need to hear more about this removing HST from heat, hydro and getting rid of the debt retirement charge. I was of the impression that the items and lenght of time being charged were signed in stone by our present Premier.
    I have heard our next Premier say on radio a few months ago, they would look at other areas to reduce to compensate.

    No one else is really thinking about taxpayers though.

  10. I’m curious to know whether Hudak will re-introduce police snipers to settle aboriginal land disputes.

  11. There’s some odious gas emanating from Furtz’ brain again

  12. Stan, google “Dudley George”.

  13. http://blog.paulmckeever.ca/2011/05/20/on-tim-hudak-the-reins-of-power-and-the-reign-of-terror/


    what happened you all ask? harris hacked apart and privatized hydro, of which hudak was a part of doing at the time. they tried to hide 19 billion in stranded debt from that. we needed to pay this debt in parts. the people of ontario did their parts, but the hydro did not, and so they appear to be putting this continued collection of debt retirement charge towards that debt. we’re being robbed but yes, this debt needs to be paid otherwise it continues to collect interest and hudaks philosophies to try to hide it again just don’t work. the hydro will never do their part to pay their part so its now on us all to do so from my understanding. I actually have to agree with smee here (holy crap). If we don’t get rid of this debt and soon, it will just continue to balloon and the future generations will have a harder time paying it off. Of course the banks love it this way too since they are making a potload of interest off this all.

    McGuinty inherited a nasty situation and had to deal with it. he may have promised not to raise taxes but in reality, this was the only way to get rid of these debts. It made him really unpopular, but it had to be done. a little streamlining in my opinion needs to take place in the liberal way of doing things but it is effective to date, even if we’re being robbed to pay off the parts that hydro was supposed to pay. And that was what was inherited at the time, add to that old crumbly infrastructure that needs to be replaced, thats a whole other mess. But in no way do I believe hudak will fix anything, but yet irresponsibly try to just hide it again. as he helped to do the first time.

    Hudak is a flipflopper just like all the others, he’ll promise anything to get the reins of power. But the financial detriment he can cause as he has already helped do so in the past, are what make him a scary choice to put in power.

    In my opinion, he’ll get into power just because of the hate on people have for McGuinty, and then after 4-8 years of him being in power, we’ll find out just how much nastier we are in debt and then what will we have to do to get out of that in the future?

    We as a society live in an illusion that power should be cheap. It is not when you have to upgrade/replace power generation infrastructure and such. We need to all learn to conserve properly. We need to pay and replace the infrastructure as soon as possible, clear these debts to get out of the endless “interest” money pit we’re all in, and we need to get out of this illusion that energy should be cheap. As with gas the price will only go up and up, and we’re fooling ourselves if we don’t think this will happen and take necessary steps to nip it in the bud now. Hydro will also not pay their part of this stranded debt and we’re fooling ourselves again if they think they will. So we’re on the dime for it, lets just say oh well and get it done as far as I’m concerned, because if we don’t, down the road we’re going to feel it even worse.

    I don’t support Hudak at all – flip flopper at best and will bring no different than mcguinty, if he is responsible that is. plus he helped put mcguinty in that position in the first place.

    Someone needs to stand up and table a plan that has no hidden gimmicks on it before they’ll garner my vote, hiding stranded debt (even if it is no longer our portion to pay but ultimately we will have to) is a hidden gimmick.

  14. And let’s not forget all the Harris fart-catchers who sucked, and continue to suck as much as they could from the Ontario Hydro (Hydro One) trough. Here’s just one of them….



    A quick Google of “Deb Hutton” is pretty interesting too.

    We’re paying for a lot more than just the cost of producing and delivering electricity.

  15. lest we forget the McGuinty sucking and wishing to continue sucking the debt recovery fund from tax payers for a crown corporation that was mismanaged under all provincial governments

  16. A little streamlining grimalot? A few hundred thousand here for a logo change, a few hundred thousand there to expand the provinical hiring website adds up. Hundreds more staff for all kinds of inspections from Security Guards to Smoke’s.

    When the 100 or 1000 sales tax finance people were moved to federal HST, where did that extra money go?

  17. All we need now is HST relief at the gas pumps, as well.

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