MPP Jim Brownell Rings in Bill 185 Recognizing September 28 in honour of British Home Children – HD VIDEO – May 21, 2011

Cornwall ON – As MPP Jim Brownell’s career in elected office comes to an end he took a mighty step forward and enjoyed the moment as his private member’s bill, 185 came to be at Queen’s Park May 19, 2011.

Bill 185 recognizes September 28 as a day of recognition for British Home Children who were brought to Canada because of economic and social issues many generations ago and whose decedents make up nearly 12% of Ontarians.

MPP Brownell presents Bill 185


Over 50 of their descendent’s were present at Queen’s Park for the historic event including MPP Brownell whose grand mother was one of the British Home Children sent to serve Canadians and find better lives.

In a rare act of true cooperation members of all parties supported this bill including MPP Clark from nearby Leeds Grenville.

It’s amazing how much of the history of Canada gets forgotten.  For this one day the lives of many have been remembered and with the passing of Bill 185 hopefully for many generations those that helped pave the way and gave to what Ontario is today can be remembered.

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  1. We need to remember our ancestors and those that paved a way for us much more, good on the MPP for this.

    We should have ” talk to an elderaly relative” day as well, so we can be reminded of hardships of other generations before they are gone.

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