Ontario Liberals of Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry to pick their Candidate June 13th at the Cornwall Civic Complex starting at 7:00 PM

Cornwall ON – Jim Brownell’s shoes will be very hard to fill, but June 13th, 2011 that’s exactly what the Liberals of Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry will be doing as they’ve announced that they will be choosing a new candidate at the Cornwall Civic Complex starting at 7 PM to represent them in the October Ontario Provincial election.

We will be covering the event live and in video so stay tuned!

There are three candidates to date.   Mark A MacDonald, former Cornwall City Councilor and first to put his name on the ballot most recently lost a mayoralty bid to Mayor Bob Kilger.

Mark sent in the following:

“The Nomination Meeting is set for June 13th—may the best man win.

I believe that we live in the best province in the best country.

I believe that it’s an Ontario that’s worth fighting for. I intend to fight and protect everything that we’ve received under our hard working MPP Jim Brownell.

Regards, Mark”

Pat Finucan was second to put his name up for consideration.   The retired  Dean of St. Lawrence college has been very active in the community.

Pat considers himself a “Fiscal Conservative” with a concern for the environment.

Politically he was part of the team to re elect Mayor Kilger in Cornwall.

Denis Sabourin until recently worked for MP Larry Bagnell and has a long history running previously for MP and MPP positions in this riding as well as being a long time school board trustee.

Mr. Sabourin has also worked in the media including being one of our Political Round Table pundits on Seawayradio.com.

He has also worked on some of the local campaigns including the one for recent MP candidate Ms Bernadette Clement.

Mr. Sabourin lives in Monkland Ontario.

Denis sent in the following:

“The selection of a candidate for any campaign is the most important decision  in the electoral process apart from the actual election day voting itself.

Supporters of our Liberal association in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry will make their decision on  Monday, June 13th, at the Cornwall Civic Complex.

I encourage all those who have considered taking part in this process to not put it off any longer, go on line to  OntarioLiberal.ca  click on “Get Involved,” then on “Join” and purchase your membership to be eligible to vote at our nomination meeting.

Hurry though, you only have until 5 p.m. on  Monday, May 30th to take advantage of this opportunity to be involved. See you on  June 13th at the Cornwall Civic Complex.”

Right now all three gentlemen are campaigning to sign up new members of the party who can vote on June 13th at the Civic Complex to decide who will face off against Progressive Conservative candidate Mayor Jim McDonell and the as of  unannounced NDP candidate.

From MPP Brownell:

I am pleased that a date has been set for the Nomination Meeting. Over the past few months, I have stayed out of the nomination process and the endorsement of any single candidate. I wish Pat Finucan, Mark MacDonald, and Denis Sabourin (alphabetical order) the very best in their quest for the nomination, and I thank all those who have work on the nomination plan, especially James Borer, Vice-President of the Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Provincial Riding Association.

No word if there will be any independent or other party candidates.

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