A Legend visits Cornwall Ontario – Gordon Lightfoot Concert Review by Jacqueline Milner – May 21, 2011

Cornwall ON – By a stroke of luck I found myself with a pair of Gordon Lightfoot concert tickets for the Ontario leg of his Canadian Tour schedule in Cornwall Ontario.
Consequently I found myself at the Cornwall Civic Complex with a Lightfoot friend/fan waiting for the Legendary Canadian Singer-Songwriter Icon to grace the stage. 

Mr. Lightfoot is now in his 70’s and honestly I expected his performance would have adversely affected the delivery of his repertoire of composed music.

Age does affect the way we maneuver and live.
I had never experienced Lightfoot in concert before however his music is and has been part of my life for many years.
His lyrics and music are engrained in my memories and the reminder of his sweet melodies and lyrics brought back memories long forgotten by me and my concert companion. 

Our bodies stand as testament to our years of living, loving and laughing.  Much to my and the audiences delight we stood as witness that some things remain “forever young”.

Lightfoot has a voice that continues to express and dance to the music and words he continues to write now and to the many notes and phrases he has penned over the last five decades.
Thank you Mr. Lightfoot for sharing your heart and soul with us all these years. 

Information about Lightfoot’s touring schedule can be found at http://gordonlightfoot.com Touring in Ontario until May 28th only.


  1. This is a concert review?

  2. @Furtz… This is what Admin has tagged it as…what would you call it Furtz? If you do not think of it as such what would you add? What is missing for you? Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

  3. Author

    Furtz the really neat thing about Media 2.0 is that it’s about personal experience in many ways. Jacquie attended the concert as a lover of music and shared her experience as have many others that contribute here at CFN. We all can’t be world class journalists 🙂

    Kudos to her and our many contributors, and for those of you that read this that wish to submit a review of an event you visit you can email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

  4. I apologize for causing offense. Jacqueline is obviously a fine writer, as are most of your contributors. The piece was mislabeled, so Jamie, you’re on the hook for that. 🙂

  5. Author

    🙂 Yes I am Furtz!

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