Alamo Draft House Theatre in Austin Texas Boots Texter and Turns her Nasty Voicemail into Trailer! June 7, 2011

Austin TX- Many Canadians when they think Texas they think Cowboys, crazed guns toting good old boys, Thelma & Louise.   Austin is this little oasis which hosts an amazing university and one of the most successful film programs in history.

So it’s not surprising to see this incident go viral.   I know I hate when I pay over $10 to see a movie some uncivilized idiot tapping or worse yet, talking on their cell phone.   It’s as though people are raised by their cats and have no comprehension of courtesy or manners or that they are sharing a space and experience and shouldn’t be crapping on it by disturbing others.

If you can’t leave your phone alone for those 72+ minutes you probably shouldn’t be in the theatre.

Well the Alamo Draft House theatre actually tossed someone and to make it more fun this person left them a nasty voicemail that they turned into a video clip they play before R rated movies as she peppered her message with some expletive deletives.

Kudos Austin!  You guys rock!

And here’s the you tube clip which with over 500,000 page views looks like has been a great bit of marketing!


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  1. Hey, my cats are very polite. Don’t go and be using cats as an example of bad manners. If you are polite to them and feed them on time, they won’t leave any surprises on your pillow or in your shoes.

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