Progressive Conservatives Steal Some Light on Liberal Nomination Day – NDP make SD&SG Choice Wednesday – June 13, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So it’s a big political week here in SD&SG, and of course with Cornwall being the largest city it’s all happening here.    Today the sly Progressive Conservatives opened up Jim McDonell’s office in the same location that Guy Lauzon used for his campaign.   While they probably got a break on the rent they also took advantage of stealing some of the Liberal’s thunder as they make their choice locally tonight at the Cornwall Civic Complex.

There were a lot of people there; two Cornwall City councilors; one of whom, Leslie O’Shaughnessy was flipping the burgers on the BBQ, and of course our MP Guy Lauzon was in his suit glad handing the party loyal.

And that will be the kicker, the Conservatives in this riding, and in most of Eastern Ontario are a loyal bunch.   They don’t call it the Big Blue Machine for nothing in these parts.

Tonight the Liberals choose their man and it wasn’t missed at McDonell’s opening that they were first out of the gate inspite of  MPP Brownell announcing his retirement months ago which gave the local Libs a chance to get first blood.

Elaine MacDonald gets named local Dipper Wednesday, and I’m even hearing rumblings of another woman joining the race as Green candidate too.

This riding is up for grabs and it’s going to be an interesting and bloody race that nobody should be taking anything for granted on.     My early prediction based on what I’m hearing and polling is that the NDP and Liberals are going to weaken themselves, and the PC’s will run up the middle.

What I also know is that all candidates will have to be proactive and fight for every vote come this October.

Stay tuned for coverage of Mr. McDonell’s office opening and the Liberal nomination tomorrow!

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