Brownell Nights – The End of an era brings out a very special guest! June 18, 2011

Premier McGuinty, MPP Jim Brownell, & Jamie McGuinty, the Premier's son.

Toronto ON – Indeed it was the end of an era. June 16 marked the final Brownell Night at the Duke of York Pub in Toronto Ontario.

Since early 2005, Jim Brownell MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry has been inviting all Queen’s Park staff members to the local pub to share in a pint with him. The topic of discussion varies from everything from sports, to television shows, to small water works funding in SD & G. Over the years, Brownell Nights have become an institution enjoyed by all who attend. As the years went by the popularity of the nights grew, from a small super group of ardent followers to the institution that it has become with family, friends, people from the riding, MPPs, Cabinet Ministers and last night, a visit from the Premier.

Brownell nights indeed are partially responsible for J.B.’s success. Everybody is willing to go that extra mile for the man who shared a drink with you the night before. As a networking opportunity, there is no equal around the provincial legislature and they will surely be missed.

The final Brownell Night at the Duke of York, a night marked by a visit from Premier Dalton McGuinty and lots of nostalgia. With laughter, smiles and a few tears, Brownell Nights are sure to be missed, just as everyone’s favorite teacher J.B. is sure to be missed around Queen’s Park.

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