Local Honey Producer Races 1200 Kilometers in his Miata to bring home His Queens after Postal Disruption! Levac Apiaries – Green Valley Ontario – June 19, 2011

"20 caged mated queen honeybees fit easily into a takeout tray for the ride home"

CFN – Mark Lauterbach and his wife Joanne are tough people.    They, like many Bee Keepers and Honey Producers have been ravaged by a decimation of the Bee Population that’s impacting producers around the world.   It’s why it’s so important to try and repopulate their colonies.

While Mother Nature and the impact of man have wreaked havoc the strike and lock out at Canada Post have threatened bees which are transported by  the service around the country normally.

Luckily Mr. Lauterbach of Levac Apiaries was able to arrange to personally pick up 20 Queen bees that he had ordered.

“After a brisk but long drive they’re now safe and sound in my house ready to go into their new homes tomorrow” said Mr. Lauterbach.

These queens will potentially become 20 new producing colonies for the local honey producer!

“With honeybee populations declining in such numbers over the past few years, the ability for beekeeper’s to re-build their stock is dependent on reputable breeders who work hard to produce robust and resistant livestock. It is very unfortunate that a traditionally reliable transportation method – our mail service – is currently not able to deliver for us. I drove roughly 1200 Km (round trip) to pick up my queens – not a feasible solution for many beekeepers.”

There was a story in the Toronto Star Wednesday about the Labour impasse risking the Honey Bee population in Canada.    LINK

From the late spring to early fall, Canada Post ships queen bees to hobbyists and apiaries across the country. For decades, the bees have arrived on time, repopulating and strengthening colonies for the honey harvest. But with rotating strikes shutting down processing facilities, there is no guarantee the queens will be alive when they reach their destinations. And bee breeders aren’t taking chances with their precious, expensive, uninsured cargo.

For Mr. Lauterbach and Levac Apiaries it’s a happy day as his Queens made it safe and sound to his location in Green Valley Ontario after a 1200 kilometer road trip.   It shows the extremes that small businesses have to go to in trying times and how important the issue of declining Bee populations are becoming.

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Visit them at 20389 Concession Road 5 Green Valley ON, Cornwall, ON K0C 1L0 (for those that know it just turn EAST at the Brown House off of Highway 34 between Lancaster and Alexandria Ontario).

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