Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Summer is Almost Here! – June 20, 2011

CFN – The official arrival of summer is nearly upon us.  As I ventured through the lush gardens and little nooks and crannies of a friends home property I was met with the incredible canvas that Mother Nature has to offer us this time of the year.

While some plants have already blossomed and readied themselves for the next generation of plants many others were just beginning to blossom and fragranced the air and my lungs with sweetness and calm.

Every glance presented a new canvas full of life, colour, texture and dances of light.  Colours of yellow caressed hard gray surfaces of rock.  Various shades of green made visible mother natures skill and ability to mix and present the colour of green in numerous tones and shades.

A master colourist indeed.

The gardens were alive with life and laughter.  As I wandered through a small shade garden a lone iris beckoned my eyes for attention.  A stream of sunlight was delightfully lighting the white delicate, single blossom (in title image) which begged the attention of any passerby as it received a spotlight of sunlight amidst a delicately shaded backdrop of greenery.  One very delicate, flying insect…even more delicate than a mosquito had taken refuge in the petals of this flower with the bright yellow accent in its center.

Looking towards the other side of shade garden a dragonfly was spotted resting on a large Hosta leaf.  The flight of a bumble bee led my eyes to waves of lavender, some white, some purple, along to bird feeders which entertained and welcomed the likes of hummingbirds, woodpeckers and chickadees.  These flying guests had no doubt set up house for the season close by and were delighted with this prime piece of real estate they were presently calling home.

This is without doubt an arrangement that is as pleasing for the birds, bees, frogs and other wildlife in the area as it is, for the current owners of this property.  Surely as much as the local wildlife enjoys the benefits of the shelter, food and cover of this property the owners and guests to this property delight in the beauty and wonder of the various species that frequent this location.

As Canadians we are fortunate to savor the many facets and faces of an environment that has four seasons.  Seasons which pass from one to the next in very short order.  We can easily entertain seasonal guests of bumblebees, butterflies, hummingbirds and toads by providing little micro climates that cater to their needs.  Plant species of flowers, trees, brush or grasses which attract the species for their offering of food or cover.  It is as simple as that.  If you would like more information about attracting a particular species and their desired habitat, simply key in the key phrase “how to attract” followed by the name of the species that you wish attract in your browser and the needed information will appear and direct you in your project undertaking.  Our seasons do pass by quickly; wishing you all the best in each and every wonderful day of summer.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Jacqueline, your articles are so “down-to-earth” (no pun intended).

  2. Thanks Stan…wishing you and yours a wonderful summer.

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