Prince Delivers 4 Hour Performance at the 32nd Annual Montreal Jazz Festival! June 25, 2011

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Montreal QC – Prince may be enigmatic at times as his 5 decade career in music unfolds, but boring is never a word connected to the diminutive master of the performance.   He kicked off the Montreal Jazz Fest with a four hour set that included encore after encore at Metropolis.

He performed is old hits, some great covers;  the audience just kept eating it all up.   Reading reviews and talking to people who attended the gig all you could hear was joy; pure joy and considering the $150 + per ticket the crowd was well satisfied.   It should be interesting to see if he can deliver it again Saturday.

He started his show at 11:30 pm and played until nearly 4 AM in the morning!

This was the second major act of the night as former Led Zep lead singer Robert Plant played Salle-Wilfred Pelletier.

The 32nd Annual Montreal Jazz Fest continues until July 4th with an amazingly diverse collection of talent from around the world.  For more info click this LINK.

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  1. It may not compare to a Jazz Fest but for the jazz-inclined, jazz can be enjoyed on-line daily at the Internet Cafe, 8 Third Street West opposite the RBC in the Island Ink-Jet store coffee shop. Coffey’s coffee’s and tea’s served. Come enjoy!

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