Rothwell-Osnabruck Students End of Year Fitness School Trip Takes Them to the Benson Centre & Caveman Strong – June 28, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Grade 7 and 8 students from Rothwell-Osnabruck (RO) in Ingleside participated in a full day of quality physical activity on Friday, June 24th, 2011.

After spending two hours playing soccer at the new Benson Centre, they headed over to Caveman Strong for a full Paleo lunch prepared by Josee Quenneville.  After lunch, students rotated through 4 modules including Olympic lifting, nutrition, strength training, and structural balance work.

Over 65 students pushed themselves to new heights.   Intermediate Teacher at RO and event organizer, Andree Markell, could not have been more impressed by her students. “To see 65 students, completely engaged and having a ball was truly the highlight. The pride on the students faces when they could carry a weighted sandbag from one end of the turf and back was motivating and inspiring. I can’t thank Tyler, Dan and the gang more for such an incredible experience for the kids.”

Caveman Strong owner Tyler Touchette, said “it’s great to see schools bringing students into a gym setting for a field trip where they can be active and learn a healthy way of life all while having fun.”

Caveman Strong Strength Coach Dan Allaire who helped plan and execute the event said “the energy in the gym was very high and the students really enjoyed themselves at each station going through various workouts and learning new techniques. I was very impressed with the students’ work ethic and overall effort.”

Caveman Strong has recently begun its kids programs and after Friday’s event, they are guaranteed to have many new members!  A great day had by all.

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