Can you name the three things that set you apart from your competition and make your business special?

Cornwall ON –  So what comes to your mind when you see a picture of a lemon like the one on the left?  Interesting?   Did you think of lemonade?  Did you think of crappy products?  Did you think of the tart taste of a lemon?

I was having a lovely evening Sunday and asked a very successful and intelligent business person to tell me the three things that differentiate him from his competition and this person stumbled.  He tried to tell me but he couldn’t break down easily what made him so special and successful.

That I explained is the difference between good marketing and advertising and bad.    Business people miss this many times; especially in small business.   MacDonalds  never misses this.  Their advertising is very strong and successful as we watch them do battle with Tim Hortons over that morning coffee.

Working in this field I’ve been studying hard and I have to admit that it’s challenging to connect that message with clients.   In film making you get opportunities to do “pitches”.    Think of the movie Rocky and tell me that story in one sentence or paragraph because sometimes you have a very brief window of opportunity to communicate your message.

In today’s fast growing field of Social networking it’s similar.  With millions if not billions of messages whizzing by in cyber space how do you get your message heard?  How do you connect with your targeted clients and try and get the best results?   How many times have you put out an ad and either had limited results or too many responses from people that would not most likely ever be your client and end up costing you dollars and resources you could not afford to waste?

If you’re still reading this and are facing those challenges maybe you should contact us today and see how The Cornwall Free News can demystify them for you?

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