Letter to the Editor – Rebecca Gingrich of Princeton Ontario on Canada’s Aid to Libyan Rebels – July 17, 2011

Dear Editor,

Canada is considering loaning millions to the National Transitional Council in Benghazi Libya. And Gadhafi is considered the ‘madman’???  What if the UN doesn’t give the order to unlock the accounts?  Oh right–the Canadian taxpayer would pick up the tab?
I read that the rebels got medical supplies from Canada.  What did other innocent civilians get from Canada other than death and destruction from laser guided bombs under the name ‘humanitarian’ aid?

I cannot believe that thinking Canadians still believe these lies and high sounding words.  The reality is that we are aiding and abetting the rebels in destroying innocent people and we are ourselves killing the civilians of Libya.  There is so much angst over an injured horse at the Calgary Stampede but no one defends the people of Libya.  We have killed more people than Gadhafi ever has been accused of killing and yet we are the good guys?  Look at how Canada treated the ‘rebels’ at the G20 and yet they defend ‘rebels’ in Libya.

There is no rational spin that can be put on our behaviour in Libya.  How many Canadians realize that Libyans got free healthcare and education under the Gadhafi government?  By free healthcare I mean “All healthcare”–including drugs and treatment in other countries.  Free education from kindergarten to the end of University education–something that is unheard of in our ‘democracy’.

The real reason we are there is so that the banks can seize Gadhafi control of banks.  If we had a brain in our heads we would realize that Gadhafi’s methods of banking were much more in tune with his people than are our methods.  But we can’t have that occurring because then the rich wouldn’t be getting richer?

Every Canadian should hang their head in shame for what our government is doing in Libya.  We and our murderous government are the insane people.

Rebecca Gingrich –  Princeton, Ontario
Health in Libya

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  1. Rebecca in any war there are civilian casualties. WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, wherever there’s action there is collateral damage. In Libya the people are crying out for help and a number of countries have responded including Canada. You seem to like to play on words, humanitarian aid is what we give those people and it doesn’t encompass bombs. The benefits available to Libyans from Gadhafi are not available to all Libyans but only a select few. The monies that belong to Gadhafi that we have seized here in Canada far outweigh any financial aid we’ve given to the NTC. The reasons you give for our involvement in Libya are ludicrous. We are not there to gain control of their banks! If we were, why are we giving them money?
    Canadians will not hang their heads in shame and neither we nor our government is murderous nor insane! Shame on you Rebecca, if you can’t stand behind our armed forces then you are welcome to stand in front of them!

  2. Beam me up Scotty…….there’s no intelligent life here on Earth.

  3. I agree with Stan on this, you can’t possibly think referencing an article by the ufo digest will help your point? Though I agree with Rebecca, the two “rebels” do get different treatment, the G20 rebels should have been the ones on the recieving end of the “lazer guided bombs”. How can she possible defend looters, rioters, and general scum of society that only claim to be trying to bring people attention “insert random unfortunate situation” while they destroy property and harass police? Then go on and put them on the same moral level as men who wish to never again see their relatives, and friends dissapear in the night? My friend was from Ghana and he always had something to say about Gadhafi, about how if in Libya if you said something bad about Gadhafi that was it, you were finished. Of how the people of Libya were miserable living under him, so mabey free education and healthcare were realities, but at what cost did they come at?

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