The Dead Zone Concert review by Dominic Bisonette – July 20, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – On june 24th I found myself at Babylon’s in Ottawa waiting for a band to walk on stage. At approximately 9:25pm when The Dead Zone was done their first song, I had fallen in love with punk again.


The 2 opening bands, Black Market Candy and Fore Stroke warmed up the waiting crowed nicely but when The Dead Zone took stage it was obvious who they where there to see.


Cell phones came out to snap pictures and bodies gravitated towards the stage.  As the drum beats of Dan “Don” Page and the base licks of Nials Everett began, bodies moved right along with them. Filled in with the guitar sounds of Jason Champagne (originally from Ingleside Ontario)  and Josh “the panther” O’Connor who’s tempos where strictly punk but styles could of matched thrash metal. The whole thing made for a very surreal punk experience I will always remember.

To make sure of that I purchased the CD they were releasing that very night.


The album recorded, mixed and produced by Cornwall Ontario native Vincent Piette shows a great deal of potential for this bands sophomore release. This album reminded me what I like about punk, that it’s not just anarchy and chaos. That punk is about letting go of your self imposed rules, not just those of society. Pushing aside your trained subconscious. It can be used to bring about change and give a voice to the voiceless.


You’ll find yourself not being able to resist signing (rather screaming) along to the chorus of “Create.Destroy.Repeat”. “True Love” is a great stalker song….I mean if your into that kinda thing. Seriously though, this album has a wealth of fun with some serious messages thrown in for good measure.


From  the song “Cherry Valance” who brings to mind the redhead bombshell from the book “The Outsiders” who went against the grain and fell for a greaser. But you can take the lyrics and apply them to your day to day struggles “Cause we all have the chance to do what we think is right. Step outside the comfort zone and go for it tonight, Go for it tonight.” Cherry Valance is essentially a vessel for the thing you want but are told you can’t have. Sure, it could be a girl. It could also be that job you want but are told you can’t because of your tattoos, or the education you want but are told you can’t because your just not smart enough. Fight for it. That’s the message of punk.


To the song “Gateway” (probably my favourite) with a lyric that pretty much describe our news headlines and tucked away back room court deals on a daily basis.


“The guilty are supported. While the victims are forgotten.”


Again, punk reminding us that our TV dinner lives are not perfect.


Serious messages and my overanalysing of lyrics aside though this is a fun album to sing, dance, scream and throw yourself around to. Don’t take my word for it. Find yourself a copy.


For more info on the band and show dates check out their Facebook page search “The Dead Zone” and there MySpace page for songs

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  1. Good article Dominic! I’m not a big fan of punk but I do like a passionate review.

  2. Awesome, other people here in town know about Babylon’s. Been going there for years, probably longer than many of the people here going there have been alive. Now you’re talking about attracting talent, too bad Cornwall cannot pick up on this. Too bad that people have to leave Cornwall to go enjoy themselves when it’s easy to make changes to allow things like this to happen in Cornwall. Too bad Corus gets exclusivity and will never pull in shows on a regular basis like Babylon’s or other locations in Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto. Metropolis in Montreal. Babylon’s in Ottawa. Want to see some great groups come in, I highly suggest looking up what they have to offer.

  3. Author

    Geez Grimmie. This isn’t Corus’ fault. This is the bar owners and promoters that just don’t get that you can’t have strong events without proper advertising and promotion and that takes time, money, and some smarts. Until we get venues putting in more effort with the performers you won’t get that kind of success. It’s one of the reason’s we’re planting the seeds with our new Arts and Culture partnership program.

  4. Never said it was Corus’ fault. Just using an example of some of the bs going on. But I will stand by my word that Babylons could teach a thing or two to those that run these stations, clubs and festivals over here. There are many places in town here that just don’t get it. You go to these places in the big cities, people are all dancing, having a party and a ball. Respect happening. No violence. Good acts are in. etc. I miss those days. There is just too much negativity to anything new here. You go to a club here, its either the guys sitting by the side watching the girls dance in the middle, or its a bar where you have to watch out where or who you look at otherwise you get into some situation. There is an inherent lack of respect in the club/bar scene here that you just don’t get in these other places elsewhere. Its a completely different thought pattern it seems. And btw these clubs, radio stations, etc, do not pull exclusivity like some do here. There is no reason for it, it just stifles a lot of the potential that could happen with others. I’m just happy that there are some here in town that realize that sometimes you have to go elsewhere to get into a good time. Hearing someone talk about an event at Babylons, though I hardly go anymore, just makes me happy to hear others are enjoying it. Seen a lot of amazing acts there. I even remember when they first opened. Unfortunately for Cornwall, Ill be willing to bet that 99% of the acts that hit these clubs in Ottawa and Montreal, will never come here. Which is too bad but that’s just the way it goes it seems.

  5. So what do we do to change that?

  6. Come on out to Rangatangs Krazy-amigos on Friday the 13th of April and party with BRYDEN AVENUE, The Dead Zone and The Superstitions .

    Tickets available in advance at Rangs or PM me.
    $5 doors open at 8:30pm, April 13th

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