Oh Dear, I’ve upset Chris Savard and Calvin Killoran of Cogeco – Clearing the Air should actually mean CLEARING the air, no? July 21, 2011 – OP ED – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON –   I’m an odd mix.    One of my grand-fathers was a clergyman, a Cantor.  A Cantor is a man of song and learning.   My other grand-father was a pro boxer as a young man who retired undefeated as my grand-mother would not marry a pro boxer!

Personally I’d always rather learnedly exchange opinions and comments, but when low blows are taken or there’s bullying I’m quite happy to move to a nearby metaphorical alley.

Since our stories about Lift Off I’ve been reading some trash.   Petty minds and talents taking passive aggressive shots either because they don’t have the testicular fortitude or they know they’re not in a position of strength relative to reality.

I had a former contractor here at CFN.  Chris Savard.   Mr. Savard helped take us to the next level after our first incarnation.   My relationship with him started after I tried to sell an ad to Cornwall Square, his employer.

He shared that he knew that my site worked as he did web work and graphics via his company TMI, and had clients who were getting a lot of traffic from us including at the time; Lift Off and the 3+1 Arena project (before it became The Benson Centre).    His issue as he termed it “was that the site looked like crap!”

So after a few minutes of chatting and $45 per hour later he had the back door to the site open and for about a year was the man pulling the technical levers.

Then things started to get odd?  Tasks were not completed.   Comments like ” you don’t pay me to do that” were bandied about and finally a request, after a week, was not completed and when it was explained to me that it was because “it was Guy” I was forced to replace Chris with another web guy; Kevin Lamoureux of KAV Productions whose graphics and dedication have helped us become the number one ranked media site in our market without the assistance of syndicated material or links to other sites coverage of high traffic stories!

Lo and behold a few months later Mr. Savard resigned from Lift Off, as he shared due to family issues; however what wasn’t shared was that while he didn’t have the time to work on the event he founded, he did have the time to commit to creating another online news site.

And lo and behold some of those request we made to him were able to be done on his site.    But he did some things that were a bit…..odd?   For example he placed ads for companies on his site and then notified them after to create an appearance of clients and his site uses content from larger sites to create pass through traffic which pumps up some of his numbers.

Enough about that.   Today Mr. Savard attempted to “clear the air” about his leaving Lift Off and put out not only some spin, but also slurred the reputation of Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette suggesting that the long time councilor owed the volunteers of Lift Off an apology.    Not terribly cool.

At the same time his good buddy, hockey pool mate, and deeply committed friend of Corus radio, Calvin Killoran from Cogeco spun some crap on Twitter:

I won’t sink to the level to share some of the petty crap that Mr. Killoran has perpetuated over the existence of this newspaper.   Too much high school behaviour just isn’t productive, but sometimes you have to lift the rock and shine the light on the tiny wee bugs and make the dance a bit.

I think it’s always healthier to confront people instead of wincing around passive aggressively.

For the record Calvin I am a proud member of Team Cornwall.  I am a proud resident of Cornwall Ontario.  I believe that we can create greatness here, that we do create greatness here, but sadly we have to work around people like you and some of your little friends.  I have never crapped on anyone least of all any volunteer of any organization.   I pointed out the conflict of interest and other errors of members of a non-profit board of directors.   A very different thing.   I pointed out the failures that happen when cronyism takes over a board of an event that’s purpose is to attract people to our fine city and promote Cornwall.

Lift Off is a great event that simply needs more great people to be open to the opportunities within the community and allow it to truly flourish.   That’s not rocket science and certainly not something I’d be ashamed of.   If  more people like you Calvin, and your friend Chris felt more committed to this event and our city instead of your own personal machinations I have a hunch Lift Off would probably have exceeded its goal of attracting 55,000 people over the weekend.

I’d like to know why the local acts weren’t thanked on Cogeco in your after coverage by anyone from Lift Off.  That to me is more important this this silliness.   Let’s build from within and attract others.  Get it?

And if you or Chris wish to rebut this you can enjoy our soapbox.  Can’t say that I’ve ever been offered the same while certain people have been gossiping about me elsewhere.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor of the Cornwall Free News – Proudly from Cornwall Ontario since 2004!

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James Moak


  1. lol that’s funny stuff.
    1. Jaime I’ve offered to help redesign your site many times for free, why pay chris’ company 45 bucks an hour? Have you not seen his TMI website… straight up 1996 bro!

    2. I’m liking this site more… can we shift it to a more TMZ style format?

  2. Author

    Jason we don’t gossip or pander. We are not TMZ although I’d like to have their revenues. I don’t start fights with people, but I don’t back down from this sort of pettiness from people like Calvin. It should stop and people should start working together.

  3. Jamie I consider you a man above average intelligence and why you would associate yourself with a lowlife like Chris Savard is beyond me the man slithers. I personally was going to sue him for slander over the incident at the mall during the federal election and I really should have but I don’t like wasting my time teaching lowlifes and it would only hurt his ex-wife and children. I suggest you don’t waste your time on these petty little people their main focus is only to protect themselves over all else. Because you have a form and speak your truth clearly and quietly you will always be a thorn in their sides. Don’t waste your time on such little self-centered people finish her book you are built for better things

  4. You don’t start fights? I think that you have quite the audacity to make such a statement. Considering that you have a personal vendetta against Savard and this article certainly articulates that.

    barbarian – is that Wyatt Walsh or Jamie responding on another account? I hope its neither, such a statement while having political interest in a seat is quite alarming.

  5. Author

    I have no personal vendetta against anyone in the world. What an odd statement? I only post on this site as Admin. I sometimes sign my posts in editorials. When I post on other sites like the Free Holder I use my name or that of this paper.

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