Anders Behring Breivik – Shooter Arrested in Utoya Island Children’s Camp Massacre and Bombing in Norway July 23, 2011

Cornwall ON – Anders Behring Breivik name will go down in history.   He’s become one of the most infamous killers in our time.  Blond, blue eyed, not affiliated with any “group” per se.   Just a simple person with a deep culture of gun loving.   Whether it was using them at his gun club or playing gun based video games.

His own life will probably become a twisted video game and for his victim count, which is mounting to over 100 people a nightmare.   Why he picked a children’s camp to attack boggles.   Was his goal to see how much life he could take?  That he’s been captured alive means that possible clues can lead to how a psyche like his works.

We live in a world with very little accountability?  While Anders pulled the trigger was the fact that he had access to guns and was stimulated by video games a contributing factor?   Yes, I know that not everyone that owns a gun goes on a rampage and yes, not everyone that plays shooter games blows up buildings and shoots up children’s camps, but really?  Could he have done this if he hadn’t had the weapons?

How many stories will people like me write about tragedies and loss of life before we actually do something about guns being as available as they are?

I spoke with our own Police chief, Dan Parkinson about hand gun control way back in January and he was brave enough to publicly talk about this issue, but was condemned in the comments on you tube for simply speaking some simple truths because in the end it’s law enforcement that has to deal with these killers.


A Norway Shooting Victim speaks


As the world gets over the shock of this hate crime and mourns along with the people of Norway again the question will come up about whether guns simply should not be in the hands of people without severe cause?

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  1. I know that the USA is very gun tolerant. I was in Alaska at a drug store, and you could buy cold remedies right next to the ammunition counter. They had various models of guns and rifles on display too.

    As for the USA (not picking on them) their country began as a ‘wild’ west, or an untamed frontier. At the time, you pretty much needed to be armed. The ‘Right to Bear Arms’ comes from this time period. Today it is a different story. Guns are just too convenient! Here’s a scenario: A married couple are having a heated argument after one of them is caught cheating. The other is livid and temporarily out of control with hurt and rage. If there is no gun in the house, chances are nobody will get hurt that much. There may be throwing of plates, or, perhaps even slaps or punches, but usually these are survivable violent crimes. But if the same person had a gun handy? The outcome could very well be quite different.

    People then say that the criminals would still own guns if the citizens were not permitted to have them, but I disagree. If guns in the hands of citizens were outlawed, only specific groups could carry them, such as police forces, and perhaps security personnel. It would be VERY easy to monitor these weapons, as there would not be millions upon millions of them. Where would a thief steal guns from, the police station? We have machine guns in use by our armed forces, but to my knowledge, no criminal has ever stolen one to use to commit a crime. Gun shops are often broken into by criminals, but if there were no gun shops, the criminals would have no access to guns.

    So perhaps we should all go back to carrying swords? Just kidding, but do we need such easy access to weapons in an age where we have laws and police and a society that more or less gets along? (compared to the wild west days)

  2. And then the thought of Lorena Bobbitt comes to mind when she cut off her husbands member for cheating on her. Also another lady recently did the same. Should be ban knives as well? Just asking.

    Again, one nut goes on a rampage, and then everyone else has to be responsible? Give me a break.

    Taking gun’s away from this guy, or taking away his video games, probably wouldn’t have altered any of the scenario happening. He may then have gone for a car, and on a running over rampage or the likes. I understand that stringent controls have to be placed on gun’s and such, and perhaps a psych evaluation before one can obtain one, or many, but still, I will not change my view that the rest of society should be punished for nutbars like this!

  3. Lets take this a step further, there are rapists and murderers out there, such as Russell Williams. Should all males be castrated and knives be banned to avoid this for the future? Only let an elite bunch of people the right to copulate to try to make sure the rapist gene doesn’t get spread out there? Maybe only government employees and police should be allowed to have offspring? If you can answer no to that, then you can answer no to the fact that all guns should be banned for the average citizen and that only police should have them. I’ve seen a lot of police overstep their bounds too, and some of them should not be permitted to have handguns.

  4. Knives have a usefull purpose in everyday lives. To knife a person you have to get close and personal. You can run someone over in a car. You can club someone to death with a baseball bat. You can poison someone with any number of household items. All these things have useful purposes and evil minds subvert them.

    Gun are only ment to kill. You can shoot a person from an impersonal safe and comfortable distance.

  5. @ Reg. Have you ever tried to stab a wolf or coyote that’s killing your livestock? To most farmers, a rifle is just a tool, like a chainsaw, which is the most dangerous tool on the farm.

  6. You are making my point. The only use for a gun is to kill.

  7. And a fly swatter, or a can of Raid?
    Seriously Reg, can I call on you to rid my farm of predators whenever the need arises? We’ve been really lucky for the last three or four years and haven’t lost any animals to predators in that time. I hope it stays that way, but if it doesn’t, we do what we have to do.

  8. Are mouse traps designed to shoo a mouse away, or kill it?
    Is warfarin formulated to give a rat an upset tummy for a few days?

  9. If a mature citizen had a gun on that Island, the shooting children spree would have been stopped quick. Guns can also be a strong deterrent, even if they are never used. Living alone, crippled and far from a quick police response in a crime area, I would love a gun to stop any home invasion. Who is someone else to say, “Just be quiet and accept the violent beating, sodomizing and robbery.”?

  10. On hand guns police chief Dan Parkinson makes complete sense. As to long guns, police chiefs across the country are in favour of a registry, while the tough-on-crime clowns that masquerade as Canada’s government are against. What message does Norway send our clowns, and will they get it?

  11. So Furtz do you just try to scare the predators away from your animals with your guns or do you shoot to kill.

  12. Christian conservatives are obviously dangerous people. Some will kill your kids. Others will try to persecute people up for using marijuana. Christian conservatives are comfortable exercising psycho-pathological values. They’ve been doing it so long they think it’s normal. Remarkably vast quantities of hand guns are needed by individuals and groups to protect society from Christian Conservatives. Pot heads don’t kill people – Christian Conservatives lust for righteous violence and more prisons like typical born-again zealots.

  13. And they have tin ears for any and all evidence (e.g. crime rates, climate change, civil rights, debt and taxes) that is contrary to their Christian self-righteousness. Their destructive impulse is mind-boggling. Locally, their name is Harper & Co.

  14. @ Reg. On the infrequent and sad occasion when it is necessary, I shoot to kill.
    @ The Neighbours and PJR. Have you seen what the preacher has been posting at the Freeholder re Muslims, Catholics, and sodomites lately? It’ll make your skin crawl.

  15. PJR, are you saying that Anders Behring Breivik gun was registered? Have any guns used by killers been registered? No! It’s a waste of time and money. ABB needs the same treatment, a 50-cent bullet behind the ear.

  16. @Furtz – Preacher Troll = Conservative Christian

    Conservative Christians are inherently evil, defined by being square, rigid, moralistic, narrow minded with a deep seated belief in torture, punishment and imprisonment.

    When their beliefs are threatened the individual/group can react like rabid, armed, badgers. They can think they are messengers from God by shooting innocents and sending them to heaven. So internally, they can do no wrong, even though they are morally and ethically bankrupt. Clever ones may become law makers, military leaders or corporate heads. Here, ruthless psychotic behaviour can be mistakenly rewarded.

  17. @Cornwall Harry

    “…Breivik is a member of the Oslo Pistol Club and has three weapons registered in his name, according to leading Norwegian newspaper VG, which cited Norway’s official weapons register. They are a Glock pistol, a rifle and a shotgun, VG reported…”

  18. @ The Scared Neighbours. Don’t get too carried away.

  19. Dr.(Pastor)Furtz insinuates that I would act in violence towards these groups he mentions. He is so far from the truth. I have never advocated violence towards these groups, nor have I ever advocated legislating morality to remove such groups. Nor will I ever! But I have declared to such groups the only way of salvation and forgiveness, and deliverance from sin, and that is to have a personal faith/relationship with the risen Lord Jesus. I have warned them of the coming Judgement to come, because God is a holy God, that He will not overlook their sin, nor accept their false humanistic religion. This is the clear, adulterated declaration of the Inspired Word of God. If you have a problem with that, take it up with God and His Word.

    Also, in Norway a conservative christian would be a member of the state church – Lutheranism. It would be like in our city of Cornwall – being a good Roman Catholic. Most or all state churches are Christian in name only. They neither know, nor practice the Word of God. So I would not be called a conservative Christian because I do not belong to a state run, state organized church! Nor would I ever want to be a member of such worldly organization.

    As for the Neighbor and his or her secular psychology – human psychology is worthless. Sigmund Freud, for example, was a sexual pervert and a nut case to boot. And most, if not all modern day psychology is based upon Freud’s medical model, which is not true, and differently unbiblical. Talk to the average psychotherapist and find out how many hours of therapy they must personally submit themselves in order to maintain their so called sanity? Neighbor sacred or not, you are barking up the wrong tree!

    The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation – Mar 5:15 “And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid”. The Gospel is free – no charge, tell that to a psychotherapist. And you thought Benny Hinn was in it for the money.

  20. News flash:

    Terrorist proclaimed himself ‘Darwinian,’ not ‘Christian’
    Norwegian’s manifesto shows Breivik not religious, having no personal faith

    Read more: Terrorist proclaimed himself ‘Darwinian,’ not ‘Christian’

    Sacred Neighbor, why did you not tell us?

  21. I will say this for the preacher. His disdain for just about everyone, Muslims in particular, is loud and proud and very public. He’s probably not a direct threat to anyone. It’s his weak-minded less public followers that concern me.

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