Lib Candidate Mark A MacDonald Rebuts PC Claims on Small Business in Cornwall Ontario – July 23, 2011

Cornwall ON –  We just received the following from Mark A MacDonald; Liberal Candidate for SD&G Ontario in the upcoming Ontario Provincial election.


The PCs Have a Clear Record Opposing Small Business Tax Cuts

Yesterday, Jim McDonell was caught in another dishonest misrepresentation of the PC’s past voting record. He proclaimed how his party would restore small business as the economic engine in Ontario. However, when examining the PC party’s record, it is clear that his party voted against the small business tax cuts introduced by the Liberals.

Under the Liberal government the Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth was introduced, which for small businesses:

• Permanently cut the small business corporate income tax rate from 5.5% to 4.5% on July 1, 2010
∙         Eliminated small business surtax – only jurisdiction in Canada to eliminate this barrier to growth

• Reduced business taxes by $4.5 billion over the next three years to lower business costs in support of growing businesses.
• Harmonized sales tax will reduce small business administrative costs and save Ontario businesses more than $500 million a year in compliance costs, helping make small businesses more competitive.
• Also small businesses will benefit from the cut in the general Corporate Income Tax rate from 14 to 12% in 2010 and from the further cut to 10% by 2013
“The Liberal Government has a plan and it is putting Ontario’s economy on the right track. We are lowering taxes for small businesses, reducing red tape, creating jobs and making Ontario more competitive.”

Liberal Provincial Council in Toronto is reinforcing my resolve to work hard and protect an “Ontario that is worth fighting for”.

Ontario is at the top, globally, in health care, education, the economy and the environment.

The Liberal track record speaks to these facts and the facts cannot be disputed.

There was a time in Ontario when you couldn’t drink the water or turn on a light switch.  All that has changed in the last 8 years and we have had massive amounts of infrastructure development.

The Conservatives closed hospitals–we built them.  They laid off nurses–we hired them.  They fought with teachers an we encouraged quality education.

Cornwall Ontario has been well served by MPP Jim Brownell and has changed our Riding in a huge and positive way and the Conservatives are talking about cutting and taking us back.

Our message is strong and positive–forward>>together.

Regards, Mark A. MacDonald

Liberal Candidate

Communities in Bloom

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  1. Good Luck Mark. You’ll need it defending the 1.5 Billion Dollars lost with E-Health. The Health Care Premium. The HST flip-flop. All the best to you.

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