Liberal candidate Mark A MacDonald Takes his Campaign Camper on the Road in SD&SG Ontario – August 1, 2011

Cornwall ON – SD&SG Ontario Provincial Liberal Candidate is taking his campaign on the road this summer and fall in his Campaign Camper as he travels from town to town earning votes across the riding.   He held a press conference in front of the home he grew up in with his 9 siblings on Fifth Street in Cornwall Ontario with special guest MPP Jim Brownell in attendance.


There was a short media scrum after which is interesting to see how politicians have to deal with hostile media as well as more balanced and professional members of the journalistic family.


Mark has already been on the road with the Campaign Camper.   It will be a familiar site on SD&SG roads this summer and fall.

Best Western


  1. Dynamic launch. Good on Jim. Good on Mark. And good luck.

  2. Is there not some kind of 22 day rule for advertising from Elections Ontario? The 22 would begin when the writ is dropped in early September…….No?

  3. @ Eric. Parties can advertise any time they want as long they have the money to pay for it. They can only claim it as an election expense once an election is called.

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