Graham Greer on the Patio By Dominic Bissonnette – August 5, 2011 Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON –  The patio at East Side Mario’s had a decent crowed show up tonight to see Graham Greer and Eric Clapton (aka Todd Huckabone).

For those of you who have seen Graham perform in the past he was his usual entertaining, quick witted self.  As much as I hadn’t seen Graham Greer perform live since the Barstool Prophets,  the show was pretty much what I expected. He was funny, he was charming and he acknowledged friends and family by poking fun.

What I have always noticed about Graham’s songs are the lyrics and the story telling aspect. A lot of people can relate to what he is signing about. I was expecting to hear that tonight and he did not disappoint. What I didn’t expect was to sit there and marvel at how well he has developed his sound and his style. Graham and his Guild where putting out some strong cords and catchy licks and Mr. Greer’s vocals where backed with a lot of grit and enthusiasm. You can tell he loves his craft and you can’t help but love it along with him, as he takes you along for the ride.

If he keeps at it (and a lot of people out there hopes he does)  I would not be surprised to find out one day he makes it big. When he does, people will look back (or rather listen back) at his discography and wounder why they hadn’t heard of Mr. Greer before.

The Graham Greer Band will be performing live a Arts in the Park Sunday, August 14th from 2pm to 4pm. I highly recommend attending, it should be a great show. And while your there pick up a CD if you can. I picked one up at the show tonight, the cd jacket is worth going for the hard copy. Oh, and if you make any requests I recommend “pigeon toed girl” it comes with a great intro.

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