Letter to the Editor – Liberal candidate for SD&SG Mark A MacDonald on Samsung Investment in Ontario – August 8, 2011

Dear Editor:
Samsung will be investing a total of $7 billion in Ontario which will create 16,000 jobs.
Clean energy companies have been moving forward, building new plants and hiring workers to build turbines, solar panels and other equipment.
Jim McDonell and the PC’s want to tear up this agreement and kill these jobs.  16,000 families need the Samsung investment for a better life and better future for their kids.
Let’s keep Ontario on track.
Mark A. MacDonald – Cornwall  ON
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  1. 7 billion divided by 16,000 is how much?
    Has that number changed since the deal was altered las week? The one where instead giving Samsung a grant of 432 million a year for 20 years, it was dropped to 110 million for 20 years.

    Who can I call to find employment at these “new plants” and do I need a US visa or is a passport enough?

    I find this whole deal perplexing and want some good old fashioned proof is the proof.

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