Unrest in UK, Syria, China, Spain, Portugal and other places – We need more balance and common sense – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall ON –  Wow, the world seems to be exploding.    Riots across England, Syria, Israel; and even China!   Spain and Portugal, and many other countries around the globe simmering.    Imagine what it takes to get people to that point?


Simple answers?  Nope, but I do think it comes down to Universal Fairness.      Marie Antoinette once uttered that famous, or infamous line “Let them eat cake!” which of course didn’t work out too well for her.

When people lose hope; true hope, in being able to have a chance to live a basic life things happen.  When people fear that they can’t feed themselves or their families things happen too.   When people feel gross injustice because of race, religion, or class; sometimes even education, and when the perception becomes common enough of corruption or artificial suffering big stuff can happen.

You can’t step on everyone’s head all the time.  People like Josef Stalin tried, but eventually things change.    We live in trying times that are changing very very quickly.   It almost feels that in many ways most of us have become obsolete?

Syrian Unrest footage


In the US, a country that just saw it’s credit rating dropped a notch that resulted in huge volatility in the stock market and a spreading of fear world wide  I marvel how politicians are shaking their fists at cutting social programs while the budget for the Pentagon is where it’s at?   Russia went bankrupt in the 80’s in Afghanistan; maybe it’s time for the US to not spend itself to death over that rocky patch of land and some of the other hot spots US troops are performing in?

It all comes down to that greed pendulum and when it swings too far in one way you get just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re seeing now.

The reality is that a country is a bit like a business.   There’s wealth, via resources, fees, etc that creates a certain amount of revenue and wealth.   Then most countries actually choose people to spend it.  Instead of it being shared somewhere nominally we end up having to pay in extra via taxes.   It’s time for tax systems be more fair and stop allowing the richest 1% to cheat the system and for some of that money to be spread around a bit better.

Balance and common sense.  We need just a bit more of that in this world.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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