“You’re Gone!!!” Radio Legend Ted Tevan passes away at 78 – August 13, 2011 From Sports Rap on CFOX to Team 990! UPDATED

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Montreal QC – Radio legend Ted Tevan passed away Friday at the age of 78.    Ted was a throwback.   I remember as a wee gaffer listening to our big console as he spat out his thoughts and yes, I myself, was machine gunned once by the raspy voiced devil of radio.

You either loved Ted’s throwback style or you hated it.  He had a loyal following wherever he worked.    He gave a lot of breaks to a lot of youngun’s in radio.   If you love the TV show Mad Men you’d love Ted because he was born to live that life in radio.

I always laughed at his live plugs for services he’d use.   He worked it and was a lesson to anyone who wanted to get into the radio game.

His star power dwindled and he almost became a caricature of himself as his air time shrunk.   His last gig being with Team 990 in Montreal.

There’s going to be a full tribute to Ted on the team 990 on Tuesday.  A lot of middle aged little boys will be shedding a few tears that night.  I know I will.

And to you Ted, friend of my childhood, like the Expos, Dorion Suits, and so many radio icons and voices that inspired me later in life when I worked in radio thank you for those wonderful memories.

I spoke with Peter Michaels, Ted’s first producer/operator at CFOX around 1972.

It was an experimental program.   From 11PM to Midnight.  One hour.   We coined it Sports Rap with Ted Tevan.   That was the beginning of his creative on air shenanigans.

Peter went on about that period, he moved on after training Dan McGarrity, Ted’s later side kick,  on the board to take over for him.    Peter talked about some of the make believe brawls including one with Johnny Rodgers of the Als.  Peter came and left CFOX four times, like many of the staff.   Our chat lasted for awhile who talked about his days with Gord Sinclair, Mike Williams, Dean Hagopian,  Ted Murphy, Hal Stubbs, Dennis Bell, and so many more.

UPDATED – Ted’s Funeral Notice

Service Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 1:00 PM
Ted will be forever remembered by his family, friends and colleagues. Funeral service from Paperman & Sons, 3888 Jean Talon St. W., on Wednesday, August 17 at 1 p.m. Burial at the Temple Rodeph Shalom Congregation Section, Kehal Israel Cemetery, D.D.O. Shiva strictly private. Contributions in Ted’s memory may be made to the charity of your choice.

Click to watch Ted Tevan video clip from 2004


As most of you know Ted was a huge fan of Neil Diamond and this clip from You Tube was one of his last theme songs on his show.


Ted Tevan RIP 1937-2011

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  1. The straight arrow, the man who walked on savvy street; just so happy that I caught him in his prime.

    There is not and has not been anyone else in Montreal that was more a pleasure to listen to; when Ted was on top of his game he was the best. I often thought many of his calls were scripted and arranged in advance, they were just that good ; he had an uncanny knack for “reading” the caller and adapting his tone and thoughts instantaneously.

    The best were when the caller never even had a chance to ask a question; Ted would draw him into anything else except what the caller had called about and after the “psychiatric examination” was finished smoothly end the call. The caller had probably forgotten why he had even waited 60 minutes to get through !!!\

    And even those that were machine gunned off knew that only chocolate bullets were being fired!!! -:)

    The show was not only about sports, but about “The Game of Life” ! And that’s what made him the best.

    Thank you Ted, and God Bless

  2. A great Icon has just passed Ted had an inbelieveable knowledge base on all sports with a very humerous twist which will never be duplicated What a character and personallity PS A docuementary was being made on him I hope it was finished We will all miss you

  3. Ted, I will miss you. From the days I would phone your show as “the lone stranger”, to the compliment you gave me concerning my comedy radio show on CFMB-“You made me laugh”.You were always a gentleman and the straightest of arrows. Rest well and keep on listening.

  4. I am an FM jock in Spokane, Washington, 45 yrs old and grew up in Montreal. To this day, I wish to God I had the ability to make my sponsors as huge as Ted could….he had a gift any of us dream of having. He was a legend.

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