60,000 Viewers per month can’t be wrong. The Cornwall Free News still number one media online in Cornwall Ontario region – August 21, 2011

Cornwall ON –  I can’t believe Summer’s almost over!      Thank you amazing viewers of The Cornwall Free News for keeping us the number one Canadian ranked media outlet in the Cornwall Ontario area since March of 2011!


For Sunday August 21, 2011 we’re ranked 2,392 in Canada.    The Corus owned Cornwall Daily slipped by Sun owned  Standard Free Holder with rankings of 4,290 and 4,663 respectfully followed in the dust distantly by Transcontinental owned Seaway News at 15,554.

With over 60,000 viewers per month we take pride that our content isn’t syndicated or pass through.    We earn all of your support and viewership with content generated directly from CFN!

And speaking of support if you read CFN and have a chance to support our sponsors please do as they give us the resources to bring you News, Views, and Reviews from Cornwall Ontario!

Special Shout Out to our Viewers from this week’s Top Ten Cities!

1) Ottawa 26.24%

2) Cornwall 24.56%

3) Toronto 10.85%

Montreal, Kingston, Brockville, Vancouver, Edmonton, Mississauga, and Calgary round out our top ten cities in order!

We have started to explore ways to improve the look and functionality to the site as well as working on some behind the scenes stuff!   We’re hoping to have a few interns working on the site in the fall as well as some new columnists so if you want to share some of the light from one of the fastest growing platforms in Canada contact us at info@cornwallfreenews.com where you also can send in your suggestions and issues.

We’re really excited by the success so far of our Arts and Cultural Partnership for SD&G and hoping that more of the townships join us for Stage Two which rolls out in September.

If you’re a Venue, Event, Organization connected to Arts & Culture in Cornwall or South Stormont you can have a free full page ad to promote yourself thanks to our partners in this program that runs until December 31, 2011!   Artists are included as well.  If you’re in SD&G and in other townships please contact your city hall and  ask them to partner up!

We’re also going to be announcing our official Computer and Camera sponsors for CFN!

We’re getting ready for our NHL coverage with a focus on each of the 30 teams as camps open soon!

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And remember you can also email in your news tip, photo, or video and we give full credit!

I’d also like to take this moment to squash the rumours that we either were changing our name or selling up.     We deal with consultants and of course business mentors and yes, it was discussed with the emerging National scope of CFN to consider a name change.  We had this big agency in Toronto, Zenith, complain for example that our sponsors were local and that is a hurdle for some other agencies as well, but I like a challenge and I’d like to play a role in redefining the Cornwall image and brand.    I think good things can be created and prosper from anywhere in Canada including Cornwall.  You don’t HAVE to live in Toronto to give or get National exposure and love.

I also will confirm that we were approached twice about selling CFN, but those conversations are over.   I have never offered CFN for sale nor was it ever on the market.  It’s a huge compliment to have large media companies consider us worthy of such conversations, but I have to tell you the comments made by some of you who knew of the offers really showed me how important it is to keep CFN independent.

Thank you to everyone’s support and viewership.    Without your love and eyeballs we could never be where we are today.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

Best Western Cornwall


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