Women’s Roller Derby Coming to the Cornwall Ontario Area – August 21, 2011

Kristine Otto, Rhea McLean, Chloé Bessette and Penny Rudderham

Cornwall ON –  These four damsels were not in distress Saturday in Lamoureux Park in Cornwall Ontario as they laid the foundations to creating a Roller Derby team based out of the area!    By day they’re all professional

Chloé Bessette who works at the court house in her Fresh Meat Roller Derby Gear

women working in fields like Real Estate, Law, and teaching.  Penny Rudderham is an agent for Royal LePage Performance Realty( Pennymakessense.ca) when not a mom to her three children, but watching her with the other Roller Derby Divas you could see her light up to the prospect of racing around the track for Roller Derby glory!

Some of them are moms, but they have one thing in common;  a passion and desire to dress up in fish net stockings, protective helmets, and old school roller skates while racing around an arena or gym!

Bake Sales, Car washes; they hope to raise the funds to have a team going by the start of the regional Roller Derby season in February and have some exhibition games before!

It can cost nearly $500 per player to outfit themselves.

Right now they have to find a venue to play in, decide on their name, and start to define their team and get the word out.    They need an arena or gym and are hoping that perhaps Cornwall Economic Development lends the fledgling group a hand with some guidance, direction and assistance in finding a location with seating for their games and practice space.   In the meanwhile don’t be surprised if you see some Fresh Meat circling at the Civic complex!

How Flat Track Roller Derby Works


They have a facebook (We Want Roller Derby in Cornwall ) page LINK with over 60 members already!  They’re also on Twitter CwallDerbyChick

If you want more info or to help sponsor the team,  or have a burning desire to play contact them today!

Interview with the founders!


So what do you think would be a good name for a Women’s Roller Derby team for this area?


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