Maverick South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart Upset at French First St. Lawrence Park Sign in Long Sault Ontario – August 25, 2011

Long Sault ON –   South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart is drawing flack and praise for voicing out about new Bilingual signs at St. Lawrence Parks that are appearing; in particular the one in Long Sault Ontario at the Parkway entrance.

She contacted us after her statement started to appear in area media and we went out with ME 2 our JVC videocamera and chatted with the outspoken and rarely boring area politician.


Chatting with Tammy she stated that it wasn’t a language issue, but more about jobs being available to non bilingual Ontario residents and area culture.

A bystander, someone working and camping from Sudbury, gave her a big thumbs up and we ended up interviewing him as well.


What do you think?  You can post your comments below.

James Moak


  1. I can understand that by the nature of the languages, French sometimes has to come first, such as “Chemin du LONG SAULT Parkway” However, the two versions of ‘Parks of the St. Lawrence’ at the top could be in either order, and the French does appear first. Is this wrong, or an issue with most people? I do not speak French at all, but because I am accustomed to seeing bi-lingual signage, it did not phase me to see the French first, nor did I even notice it. Often, I see boxes on local store shelves all with the French side facing the consumer, and again, this is not an issue with me, as I can turn the product over to read the English. I’m sure many French people turn the English side around to read the French. I think this sign issue is basically much ado about nothing, as we ARE in a bi-lingual area where we often see things in a language which is not our first one, or even one which we understand.

    Now, to change the French Sign Laws in Quebec – that would be a whole other story!

  2. In our “politically correct” society the French always precedes the English. Example: Bibliotheque de Cornwall Library. Now Tammy says its not a language issue but one about area culture and jobs for non-bilingual residents. Please explain to me whether this sign contravenes area culture (We have both French & English people in the area as-well-as tourists from the ROC, USA and also Quebec) in any way? If we changed the sign and eliminated the French, or if we made the English more prominent would that create jobs for non-bilingual residents? No Tammy, I think you are a victim of your own ego! The sign is fine!

  3. I don’t get it. The signs are grammatically correct. Lots of Francophones live in the area and visit from Quebec, and spend money. I’m sure Tammy is enjoying the added attention she’s getting, but it’s a bit of an embarrassment for the local residents.

  4. Seriously! Seriously! Get a grip people. Being a person who resides in South Stormont and who speaks French I have to say that there are much more important things to be upset about!!! Perhaps it’s time that Tammy be replaced, not the sign.

  5. My father is francophone and I am bilingual! The sign is grammatically correct! Maybe somebody should redo their test!

    I only speak french to my daughter because it will be easier for her to learn english as she grows older! She will attend a french school when she is old enough and will recognize the french signs more clearly then the english signs until she gets a bit older! There is nothing wrong with having bilingual signs unless you are close-minded to the fact that there are francophones living in this area!

    I do not beleive that there is a problem with the sign just with the knowledge of the language! Especially, by the complainant Mrs. Hart! You have to have the french first on this sign to make it grammatically correct! Plus, the message at the bottom is english first then french!

    This is honestly a ridiculous complaint that really shouldn’t get any attention. What is the remedy? There is no way of making the sign better! Removing the french is backwards thinking and would be a horrible marketing idea. If the sign was just in english people would say “We should add french to the sign to make it easier for visitors to read!”

    I think some people like the media attention! However, as a politician you are suppose to represent your constituence at ALL TIMES and the image given is that LONG SAULT is ANTI-FRENCH! This is not true but this politician is out of touch with reality!

  6. Quebec will take Eastern Ontario when Canada joins the North American Union. Learn some French.

  7. I can only conclude that Tammy thinks that there are too many tourists from Quebec clogging up our camp-grounds, restaurants and motels etc. Seems that dairy farmers don’t need tourists to make a good living, and that’s all that matters to her.

  8. Tammy Hart has the courage to post a concern and there is a need for an honest discussion on the subject!

    Ontario now has 25 designated zones where at least 10% of the population is Francophone.

    South Stormont has 60 people who are French only, 20 who speak neither French or English and about 32% of the total who speak both. Ontario has about 86% English only by the way.

    The overall issue is how English is becoming less important and French is increasing. A couple of years ago these designated areas were increased and the designation language was changed to include many more people than before increasing the speed to offer services. This is political idealogy and the English people allow it to continue even though there are a bunch of small pushes that have brought to where we are now. Any interest group knows that to get everything they want is to ask for a bunch of little things over time.

    I would like the government to allow the citizens to decide and let the business world serve their customers. This sign bylaw in Russell forces a business to have bilingual signs, no matter if their staff can speak both languages, and taking away a persons right to post signs they want on their own building they pay for.

    The amount of money spent on this should also be discussed.

  9. You are right Eric, the amount of money spent on delivering French language services to 4.5% of the population in Ontario (from the same report you mentioned) should be considered. How much money do we spend on delivering services in Mandarin per capita of Mandarin speakers, not to mention Italian or any of the other minority languages who’s speakers probably out populate Francophones.

  10. Maybe Tammy and her friends should start working on getting the name of Long Sault changed to Long Rapids.
    If they don’t want no stinkin’ French on tourist or road signs, they better get busy changing the names of Mille Roches and Moulinette as well. If South Stormont and area is to become an English-only and French-free zone, there is much work to do. Wiping out history is a big job, but I’m sure that Tammy will be up to it.

  11. Regarding statistics: French is one of Canada’s Official Languages; english being the most popular! 23.2 % of Canadian’s mother tongue is French; as per wikipedia! According to Stats Canada’s 2006 Census over 40% of the people living in S.D. & G. have a knowledge of both official languages!

    Within one hour of our Long Sault here are the Stats from Statistics Canada (2006 Census). The following shows how many people declare French Only or French and English as their mother tongue:

    Cornwall: 24.95%
    Hawkesbury: 80.89%
    Ottawa / Gatineau: 33.12%
    Brockville: 3.08%
    Montreal: 49.62%

    In Total, their is a little over 3 million people who live within an hour of Long Sault and it is reasonable to say that this would be the MAJORITY of visitors to the Long Sault Parkway!

    41.81% of People who live within ONE HOUR of Long Sault declared their MOTHER TONGUE either French Only or French and English on their 2006 Census!

    The comment made about these signs is uneducated, narrow minded and just plain crazy! Why would exclude over 40% of the population? To take a quote from Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as Stupid does!”.

  12. Furtz hits the nail on the head. Long Sault is a perfect balance of English and French, n’est-ce pas? The sign likewise. Ms Hart, you are out to lunch/vraiment débloquée on this.

  13. Seems that Ms. Hart has been advised to not post any comments defending her position re bilingualism on tourist signs. Probably a good idea considering how deep she dug that hole.

  14. The people who are taking delight in hammering away at Tammy Hart are nothing more than stiffs.

    I know Tammy and her husband. I also know that there are not two nicer and harder working people than both of them, in addition to being out there willing to give a hand to anyone who needs it. But that’s only background.

    The real issues come down to three things:

    1 – No one I ever knew in public life works harder and more diligently for the people who elected her (and didn’t elect her) than does Tammy Hart. But that seems to be lost on the stone throwers.

    2 – Like a great many Ontarians, Tammy is simply fed-up with the majority (96%) having to take a back-seat to the minority (4%) in all things government. But, unlike most people without the courage to say what they really think, Tammy does. To me, that’s refreshing.

    3 – Tammy didn’t say that she opposes French on signs. Nor did she say that she opposes French at all. What I took out of what she did say was this : Ontario is an English province, yet French takes a prominent position not just on signs, but in the public sector vis a vis employment etc.

    I find the people who are so quick to gang-up on Tammy pretty distasteful:

    Where were their voices of outrage when it was announced that there are French ONLY publicly funded healthcare clinics? Would they be silent if there were English ONLY healthcare clinics that were publicly or privately funded? I wouldn’t be silent. I would think that would be height of bigotry. But I guess that’s just me.

    Where were their voices when English kids were kicked-off Alexandria school busses because the French school system wanted to SEGREGATE their French kids from their English friends? Martin Luther King died fighting segregation. But I guess that’s lost on the big-mouths.

    Where were their voices when French communities passed bylaws making the stand-alone use of the English language on PRIVATE commercial signs illegal? I imagine that Freedom of Expression is only meaningful when that freedom is available to those who want to demean good people like Tammy Hart, because of her courage of conviction, she gave sanctimonious empty-vessel stone throwers a target.

    Frankly – The people who are dumping all over Tammy Hart are not worth the time it takes to read their rants.

    Howard Galganov

  15. It’s a very bad development when the province of Ontario promotes French signage anywhere. This is an English speaking province. The choice should be entirely that of the owners or lessees of any location or business. The only bilingual requirement is at federal institutions to comply with the OLA… as bad as that is but we are stuck with it for now. If the English speaking people do not wise up to the attack we are seeing from bigoted and pushy French speakers then they will have only ourselves to blame when whole areas of Ontario become de facto French-speaking. Full credit to Tammy Hart.

  16. Good for you Tammy.
    This inversion of French first in the English speaking Province of Ontario is everywhere. You need look no further than your local grocery store; especially the large chain grocery stores where just about every Item on the shelves are stocked, intentionally, with the French side out. I find this infuriating.

    Additionally, last week, I went to purchase a container of egg whites. I found them, but they had been pre-packaged in a way that only the French was visible from any side. I was forced to open the package in order to read the description in English.

    One must wonder just who the processor and the grocery stores are trying to please. It certainly isn’t their majority English-speaking customers.

  17. Sounds like Howard has a stiffy for Tammy. He finds us distasteful and sanctimonious empty-vessels! As the saying goes: “Empty vessels make the most sound” as is proven by Howards rant!

  18. It boggles my mind that some people find the sight of bilingual signs and packaging so offensive, especially in an area where there is a substantial francophone population, and in an area that depends on tourists from Quebec just to stay alive. Just because a person may not be able to read or comprehend French, it doesn’t mean that they should be repulsed by the sight (or sound) of it. The whole issue of bilingual signage smacks of bigotry to me.
    In the thirty-five years that I’ve been living in Ontario, I can’t recall one time I’ve had difficulty receiving any government service in English. The fact is that Canada has two official languages, English and French, and where numbers warrant, federal government services are provided in both. For anyone seeking a career in the public service where bilingualism is a requirement, the answer is simple. Get off your ass and learn the language. It’s not that difficult, in fact, most people find it fun and very rewarding.
    Regarding certain municipalities passing silly bylaws, there are elections every four years.

  19. My reply to Howard-
    1st-There are many people who work as hard and diligently than her with anf for the people og our community and are not even elected officials.
    2nd-Where do you get your numbers?-there are many polls and opinions and I would have to question the fact that only 4% of our community is bilingual.
    And lastly we are talking about a sign here lets not make it more than what it is.

  20. @ Furtz….language skills are not that easy for some people. There are quite a few frankaphones living in Cornwall who have never learned English even after living there most of their lives. As far as getting a government job without being bilingual, forget it. All you have to do is look at the call in centre that the feds built in Cornwall. How many anglophones from Cornwall got jobs there? It’s about inequities in service and opportunities and everything is tilted in favour of 4% of the population.

    No one is saying turn back the clock to the 1950’s or 60’s but how about speed up the clock to a point in our society where there are equal opportunities for all in proportion to the population.

  21. Tammy is right and thanks for the heads up! Yes, it starts with the signs and before you know it the businesses will be forced to have bilingual signs and employees, forcing the anglophone out of a job again ! Perhaps G. Fraser’s language police with be at your door step. Look at the anglophone woman who lost her post office job to a francophone in the small town of Pakenham, this is a very sad event but it’s happening thru out English Canada. We are not a bilingual country but the Francophone keep pushing into other provinces that do not warrant french language. Most of the francophones who hold jobs in the Fed Gov’t consider themselves to be bilingual bit thier English is very poor and yet they occupy the jobs in all positions leaving the anglophone with no chance of promotion. This is wrong! Fed up ! The Harper government must know of the discontentment among the English speaking population ! or he’s turned a deaf ear to the rising problem. Speak up English Canada, fight for our language rights !! English Canada should also be protected by Bill 101.
    Trudeau sure messed up English Canada protecting the province of Quebec !!

  22. To all bean-counting little Canadians in these posts:

    Be thankful you live in a country that is immeasurably enriched by French savoir vivre. Learn French, even a little, visit Quebec, and enjoy broadening your mind and your perspective on life…and be proud of yourself for making the effort. You will discover you are a much richer person, guaranteed.

  23. Placing french first is in total disrespect to the english speaking majority who reside in Ontario. Furthermore, there is a requirement to always have english be the most prominent language on signs within Ontario. Most people are not aware of this. So, this french first thing must be stopped. English sinage is againt the law in quebec. And Ontarians must be more cognisant of this fact. Moreover,, they must be more aware that this is just another attempt to make Ontario more french little by little. We already have french only community health care facilities in Cornwall and elsewhere. If we continue to turn a blind eye to this type of social engineering Ontarians will be supporting all kinds of french only services where the population of those speaking french is around 4%. Trust me , if we don’t do something about stopping this nonsense now we will pay for it in more than one ways. Just think on not being able to get a job in Ontario because you are not bilingual. This will happen all over Ontario if we let this type of thing to continue. You can be sure of that.

  24. @ Reg. Of course, some people can learn a second language more easily that others. Some people also grasp the concepts of mathematics more easily than others. With the reasonably high level of education required for any public service job, you’d think that a decent knowledge of both of our official languages would be part of that education. Here we come back to our school system where kids attend French classes for years and years, and graduate without being able to understand or speak the language.
    I’m convinced that the fear and loathing of French people and the French language in Ontario is fueled by the basic bigotry that seems to be built into most of us, and the absolute failure of our school system.

  25. @ Randy. Where on that sign is French over riding English? I’m sure that you, like Tammy and Elaine and Roger and S. Reid and Eric, just can’t stand the idea that francophones live in the area and visit from Quebec. Maybe a move to Red Deer Alberta, where there is no “french problem” should be considered.

  26. Since when did complaining make you “a great Ontarian”? Ignorance and segregation of our GREAT COUNTRY is nothing to applaud nor celebrate! English is our official language and so to is French! It is embedded in our history and is the corner stone of how our diversity began and has succeeded through time!

    The comments about this sign come from an uneducated complaint that was fostered from a plain hatred that French is on the sign period! The same hatred that come from Quebecers who hate that English is on their signs! However, the best thing for our country is to ensure Quebec (our most concentrated population of Francophones) and all provinces adjoining have bilingual signage!

    Over 30% of our population declared an understanding of both official languages on their 2006 Census forms. We live along the Quebec corridor and must not be ignorant that many of our neihbours and their forefathers have ties to Quebec!

    We are not talking about Toronto or western Ontario! We are talking about Long Sault and of course those that do not speak french don’t care if they ever see french but again “ignorance is bliss” and “Two wrongs do not make a right!” It does not matter what they do in Quebec. What matters is what is good for our community and what can we do to be friendly to our nieghbours. That’s what makes us good people and proud Canadians! What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong!

    It is a good marketing decision to add french to the signs and it is good thing to do to accomodate our neighbours! Shame on any of you who do not recognize common courtesy or maybe your too COMMON to uderstand!

  27. @Furtz. at the top of the sign it indicates “Les Parcs du St-Laurent” before the English “Parks of the St.Lawrence”. There is no grammatical reason to note the French first as opposed to a Street name. It is nice to see bilingual signage as we have many Francophones living in and visiting Eastern Ontario, so why not extend this hand of friendship and welcome.

  28. Having worked for the Commissioner of Official Languages for three years and after looking at the subject signs, I can state unequivocally that, in my view, both signs violate the Spirit and Intent of the Official Languages Act (OL Act) and the Federal Identity Policy (FIP). While the Province of Ontario is not officially bilingual, (at the moment, and I hope it stays that way), it should still observe the language edicts outlined in the OL Act and the FIP.

    In areas where the pre-dominant language is English, the English language should take precedence and should be on top of the French language and to the left of the French language in a horizontal row. To do otherwise smacks of an underhanded attempt by French activists to enforce French upon the community one step at a time. This type of behaviour should not and cannot be tolerated in a free society.

    The same sort of behaviour is slowly taking place in the Province of New Brunswick (where I was born and raised). This Province is deemed to be Officially Bilingual and this policy shift is slowly ruining this Province. It is segregating the French and English communities. Each community has their own school buses, school-bus drivers and schools, and eventually their own medical clinks, etc., just so they don’t assimilate. Just great! So the children can now grow up not speaking to each other all because of official bilingualism. New Brunswick is my home Province and it’s extremely difficult now, if not impossible to get a decent job in this Province unless one is bilingual, which means that one must speak FRENCH. We cannot let this happen in Ontario.

    So these signs, innocent as they may appear… are just a first step in denigrating the English language. I offer my full support to Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart in her endeavour to have these signs changed.

  29. Ah Yes, Mike. But we have to keep in mind that Tammy and her friends feel threatened by people who speak a language they don’t understand. Maybe in their next life they will become a little more enlightened and tolerant, but don’t hold your breath. This hateful bigotry seems to be deeply ingrained. It might take a few more generations for these folks to evolve.

  30. As I read thru the comments you would think that the only visitors Ontario is receiving is from Quebec city and perhaps from France. The only language that is spoken by visitors is “french” ! Ladies and Gents, are you not aware that Ontario rec’d millions of visitors from all over the world. Their language is not french but the language used is English !! Try traveling in the province of Quebec, as a visitor who doesn’t speak french, you are at a lost !! You don’t have to travel far, just across the Ottawa river to Hull, Have you not noticed there’s no English signs anywhere?? How does this help a visitor from Ontario or from another country? The purpose of Mr. Fraser’s language police is policing the English speaking establishments to ensure that the French visitors from France can order from a french menu….well, what about the Anglophones trying to order from a french menu in the Province of Quebec….good luck and be careful what you order !!! What Is the true nature behind Mr. Fraser…. what’s up his sleeve ??

  31. There is way too much emotion getting in the way of a decent discussion. All it does is make hard feeling, detract from issues and force people to take sides.

    Our health care costs are astronomical and we spend money on forced bilingualism. Ontario has 25 designated zones, I would bet that each of these municpal areas receive money, provincially or federally, that has some kind of language push attached to taking it.Ottawa for example gets over 2 million a year ( since about 1999) for translation on all publications from the federal government.
    That could buy alot of tongue depressors.

    How is the equality working out the French clinic? All taxpayers pay but not all can use it.

    Since we are talking about South Stormont, the vast majority of early settlers there were United Empire Loyalists and Scottish. Peform a serach on line at, South Stormont has 1% bilingual, 12% French only and 82% English only. .There is nothing wrong with English people wanting to protect their rights either.

    The only response I will make to the obvious attempt to change the channel in some poster’s comments, Ontario had a Galic only newspaper business till the mid 1800’s and they changed with the times of the majority.

  32. Mike Bedard, concerning your statistic numbers, I would prefer a breakdown seperating French only from Bilingual since French only are in the same boat as English only, that get a long well till you here, ” I’m from the government and are here to help you”.

    In the 2006 Stats Can report, they also list Ottawa Ontario hyphen Gatineau Quebec. I assume this is to skew numbers. Numbers that the Ontario French Languages Commisioner and Federal counterpart Graham Frasier will use to spend more money. Madeleine Meillleur was the driving force behind changes to the definition of Francophone in Ontario, again, to change the numbers.

  33. Makes you wonder why a farm girl feels so threatened by French-first on a sign…..

  34. Eric: All of my numbers come from Statistics Canada’s 2006 Census! Feel free to Google it or clickk on the link to the 2006 Community Profiles .

    Can anyone honestly tell me that if they were elected as Deputy Mayor that they would have created such an ordeal over the fact that French and English was placed on a public park sign?

    Moran: What is your full name? Someone who has worked for the Commissioner of Official Languages would understand French Grammar and you obviously do not!

    Your comment which is common amongst those who do not understand french “the English language should take precedence and should be on top of the French language and to the left of the French language in a horizontal row. ” is completely wrong.

    This is what the sign would spell if this were the case: “Parkway …Chemin du ….Long Sault”. When in fact the proper name is “Long Sault Parkway” and in french “Chemin du Long Sault” hence the easiest and correct spelling being “Chemin du Long Sault Parkway” as seen on the sign above!

    The only comment I can make is that maybe the english “Parks of the St.Lawrence” could have been to the left of the corporate logo but I am sure it has to do with the fact that placing the french “Les Parcs du Saint-Laurent” above “Chemin du” is easier to read while driving by.

    Either way I ask again “If you were elected as Deputy Mayor of South Stormont would you have complained about this sign?”. Also, would you be surprised if most of the Bilingual and Francophone voters did not vote for you in the next election? 20% of the voting population is a large demographic! Large enough to see an incumbent succeeded!

  35. Appeciate the link. Taking into account voting age and and the number of people who actually vote, the 20% is probably closer to 11%.

    The majority of politicians would hesitate to make any remarks on most subject areas. The concern for getting reelected, following the party and or leader takes precedence.

    Sure the chemin part of the sign is correct, but english should be on the left at the top even though South Stormont is in one of Ontario’s 25 designated bilingual zones.

  36. I truly can see why Mike and Furtz don’t understand OL Act and the FIP. By the way, I find it very insultling regarding ANY comments using the phase “friends of Tammy” or “move to Red Deer, Alberta” !! Stay focus on the topic!!
    Thanks to Madeleine Meillleur the Statistics Canada’s 2006 Census, the numbers are wrong !!!
    You can’t pull the wool over some eyes, stay alert ! Anglophones are no “dummies” !

  37. Oh come on, Elaine. With real issues such as unemployment, poverty, the closing of local factories, and such, who in their right mind would get their shorts in a knot about a couple of bilingual signs at a tourist attraction?
    And Red Deer is a great place for folks who fear the French language. It’s not perfect, because you’d still see bilingual signs on federal buildings and French on food packaging, but it would be a lot less stressful than having your life constantly threatened by a bilingual society.

  38. Which ever language is in the majority takes precedence over the minortiy languge. lf it’s English then English is placed on the top and on the left of all signs, letterheads and so forth. French or English grammar has nothing to do with this situation Eric. And asking what my full name is, is bordering on racism. I’m from Irish stock and I speak French. In Quebec French is the dominant languge and is on the top and left of the English. And the English words are much smaller than the French. Lovely eh! I have nothing against French pesonally. It’s a beautiful language and my in-laws are Francophone and we get along just fine. But official bilingualism is ruingin our country. It’s placing one community against another and we see a good exampe of this in these discussions. Get rid of official bilingualism and we can all settle down and start being civil to each other again.

  39. In Banff, Alberta, the street signs are all in English and Japanese.

  40. Congratulations, Tammy!! You’ve expressed a concern that a lot of people have who have been paying attention. You are not saying that you don’t want French to be on the sign so I’m not sure why so many people keep repeating that. The only reason is that they deliberately misunderstand what you are saying because they have NO argument. All we want to see is RESPECT given to the English-speakers – even the Federal government has a policy to guide the authorities in how to cope with the two official languages. As Moran keeps saying – in an English majority area, English should be on top and to the left; in a French majority area, French should be on top and to the left. All these silly arguments about grammar dictating that French should be first because it flows better is just hog-wash!!! Read the FIP – or this one:

    If you don’t under the English version, ask Graham Fraser to send you the French version!!! Kim

  41. Sorry, in my post above, the last sentence should read, “If you don’t understand the English version, ask Graham Fraser to send you the French version!!! Kim


  42. Hi Moran,

    I asked for your name and if you did some home work you would know my best friends are Vietnamese, Italian and Greek! I call your bluff and guarantee you never held the position that you say you did! No racism just tired of people pretending to be someone else!

    I guarantee that if I passed your name around at the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages that they would tell me that 1) You never worked for them 2) You are impersonating someone else or 3) Were fired!

    P.S. – Thank You for proving my point “Which ever language is in the majority takes precedence over the minortiy languge. lf it’s English then English is placed on the top and on the left of all signs, letterheads and so forth. French or English grammar has nothing to do with this situation Eric.”

    You really don’t understand french grammar nor do you understand english very well the “Long Sault Parkway” is not “Parkway Long Sault”. To put it first just because it is the dominant language still doesn’t make it proper. The proper french spelling is “Chemin du Long Sault” your post is just a well versed google claim or an uneducated shot in the dark! Post your name or stop claiming to be an expert!

    Experts aren’t afraid to post their name! However, fakes, phonies and liars always wish to remain unkown!

  43. By the way Moran…it was Monsieur Mike Bedard who wanted to know your full name, not Eric.
    Getting rid of official bilingualism is a plus!!! Can’t imagine the billions of dollars already spent in translating everything from English to French, signs, forcing small rural townships to be bilingual where there is no justification for it and yet for example when it’s Income Tax time rolls around in April, all the English booklets are gone and the French booklets are left. Instead of erecting bilingual signs, spending needless money, (there was nothing wrong with the old one), that money could have been put to good use to help the homeless, health care, elderly, school supplies, education, put down the debt, tighten spending due to the global crisis, possibltiy of a gov’t surplus and “we” as the taxpayers would likely pay less tax ! I could be wrong but why does the Quebec province get 60% of the equailzation paymt while the rest of Canada gets the balance of 40% ?? And, here G.Fraser spending $40K of taxpayer dollars on language policing the english establishments !

  44. That is a common site here in New Brunswick. It’s forced down our throats and if anything is said, the Acadian Society slams the Anglophones and call us bigots. Yet, when french only signs are posted, even billboards, we all have to keep our bigot mouths shut and accept it. Unfair indeed.

    Get used to it I say, as it’s only a matter of time before a “Society” is set in each town and province to break all the rules to their advantage. It’s not far away either as you can tell by most of the comments on here. The schoolyard bullies have grown up and are now running the country. Our language rights are being violated! Oops, I meant to write that last part in French.

  45. It’s all about power and employment for the French

    Nothing more, nothing less

    English Canada, wake up before it’s too late

  46. 45 comments on this!!! We don’t need a Mayor’s blood donor clinic.
    We need…
    D – N – A !!
    D – N – A !!

  47. I agree with the english community. As far as our french community,the dastrdly way they have tried to get what they did not succeed in doing over 400 years ago. I believe Now is the time to take the country back. Canada is made up of such diverse cultures that I think that it is just ignorance ( sorry that word is not translateable in french) to think that one culture is more important than all the others. If the english of canada don’t stand up, then all the other ethenic groups should demand the same as the french. Get ready, because the most popular language spoken in the west coast is mandrin. I think it is absurd that we want to be respected as canadians around the world and we can’t seem to get it together with language, of all the nasty things going on with the planet. As a civilisation, we are all human aren’t we? Canada has always been the humanitarian country for all, what happened? The french must stop the bullying, yes people that’s exactly what’s happening.

  48. Good Show Tammy, keep up the good work. Canada is not a French country and Ontario is not a French province. Official bilingualism is a creature of Pierre Trudeau meant to promote French hegemony across Canada. What the French could never accomplish by force of arms they now do via the back door through sneaky legislation and programs promoted by politically correct self serving governments at every level. If the proponents of official bilingualism think it is something we should all endorse then go campaign in Quebec against their oppressive language laws. Has anyone ever seen official languages czar Graham Fraser ever go to bat for the Anglophones of Quebec?

  49. I agree with Christine: English is the common language of the world. for example, India has over 100 dialects but English is the commercial connection. The French are still fighting a war lost on the plains of Abraham, and at Waterloo and their “hatred of the English” resulted in the tens of thousands being forced from their jobs in Quebec by the Language laws of Quebec. And this is still going on in Ontario. I personally know of a uni-lingual English person that was forced out of a higher category job because of language,( our now bi-lingual national air carrier )

  50. Harper has four years to get rid of the OLA, and there will be lots of pressure from his base support to git ‘er done. With his majority power, there’s nothing to stop him, except the consequences.
    Here’s an interesting stat from the now gutted Statistics Canada. “Nationally, 33.6% of francophone workers used more than one language at work in 2006, up slightly from 32.9% in 2001.” “the percentage of anglophones who did so remained stable at just over 4%”

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