Letter to the Editor – John Milnes of South Stormont Ontario Not Happy with Tammy Hart’s French Language Sign Stance – August 26, 2011

Dear Sir:
So, Tammy Hart, Deputy Mayor, is, indeed, vying with William Shakespeare with her own local version of “Much Ado About Nothing”. She has reached the bottom level of pettiness when she complains about French being the first language on the new signs at the entrances to the Parkway.  The Deputy Mayor obviously has little knowledge of language correctness to complain about these signs. The signs are beautiful and very eye catching. There must be more important things for a Deputy Mayor to be doing – a little early to be campaigning for a different municipal position since the municipal elections are many, many months away.  If the Deputy Mayor has an interest in signs how about she lobbies for new signs to publicize the many historical attractions in South Stormont – a much neglected element in our municipal affairs, of which she is supposed to be a significant role player.
John E. Milnes
South Stormont

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  1. HI,

    It’s a beautiful sign and, being in Ontario, English should be first. Is it not bad enough, insulting even, that English words would be placed in second position and in much smaller font if the sign were located in Quebec. This is Ontario and Francophones should be happy that French is on the sigh in the same size font. Enough of this patronizing Francophones. I am English and I want to see signs in English first or better yet, in English with French in small font! Fair is fair.

  2. The French in this province have no respect for the English majority.
    It’s all about power and jobs.
    As a former English Quebecer, I do have experience with this issue and why we left La Belle? Province.
    Signage in this province should be English first and the French shoul be happy that they are not at half the size like Quebec.
    There is an push by the Onatrio Liberals to marginalize the English majority in this province.
    If you want proof of this, check out New Brunswick……..where a minority calls all the shots now.
    Dave in Kanata

  3. How right you are Tammy Hart. Who said that we are a bilingual province? To those who disagree with Tammy, let me tell you that we are not you know, and let’s have all our signage in English. Good for you Tammy, I agree and you and take a bow lady for having guts to take that stance being the Deputy Mayor. I certainly would have voted for you if I was a resident of Cornwall.

  4. Bilingualism has been and is a colossal waste of money, and contrary to law, the policy discriminates against people who are of every other culture, and the government is an active participant in it all. Tammy is right for sure, and if anyone supports the bilingual insanity, let them pay for it themselves.

  5. First of all-if the sign read as some of the anglophone people who complained want it to read it would state “Parkway Long Sault Chemin du”, would not that look and sound kind of stupid. I am bilingual as many, many people in the South Stormont Community are, and I really don’t see the problem with it. Neither do my children, and they are not bilingual. If Ms Hart has spent any time on the Parkway or at any of the area beaches she would know that many of our out of town visitors are from Quebec. Surely Ms. Hart has something better to do with her time than worry about a sign. It is a beautiful sign, written in both languages and does not seem offensive to anyone. . Thre are so many bigger issues to deal with in our township and she is complaining about a really petty issue. A little early to be campaigning for the next election don’t you think????

  6. Did you notice who owns this sign? http://parks.on.ca/allabout.htm If you disagree with this sign, buy-out the owners and change the sign. Or join the Board of Commissioners and influence its decisions. Or better yet, vote for a political party that would shut down this Ontario Provincial Agency among other expensive agencies and reduce the cost of government on Ontario taxpayers. You do have options.

  7. Carol Webb nails it in her first sentence.

    Spare me bean-counting little Canadians. Good grief, Canadian culture is immeasurably enriched by French savoir vivre. Learn French, for goodness sake, enjoy it and be proud that you made the effort; you will be a much richer person.

  8. Author

    Actually PJR if it wasn’t for French Voyageurs in BC we’d all be speaking American 🙂 Seriously. WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY. What makes Canada not the US is that we are a tolerant country. Not perfect,but proud and Canadian and when the chips are down we all are there for each other like any family.

    Yes, more jobs should be open to non-bilingual people in the Federal service. Bilingualism was a great goal. It still is in many ways, but then Communism was too.

    We have to find common ground and keep moving forward. As an Ex-Quebecer that never felt comfortable linguistically I felt rejected by the province because of language. I never hated French or anyone because they were French. Canada is big enough that we all can find a place where we can call home.

    Today my home is in Eastern Ontario, Cornwall to be precise, and I hate when an earnest issue gets turned into something ugly…..

  9. Thank you, Tammy!! Unlike most politicians, you are not afraid to speak up for the majority of Canadians who are English-speakers. It is not a question of grammar, it’s a question of giving respect to the majority. The language battle is escalating because more English-speakers are finally realizing that unless and until they speak up, their rights as a linguistic group will be swamped. There is such a thing as “tyranny of the minority” and in Canada this was facilitated by the Liberal government, more than 40 years ago. In the attempt to force the preservation of a minority language, the Liberals brought in the OLA which gives an unfair advantage to French-speakers because they are the ones most likely to be bilingual. The federal policy of FIP (Federal Identity Policy) has been ignored by the Federal government and this lack of respect for the English-speaking majority is now reflected in the provincial & municipal government who take it for granted that English-speakers don’t mind being displaced in the Halls of Power. To give so much credence to a minority language and to place it above the majority language is to show disrespect to the majority. Speak up now or forever be relegated to second-class status – ignored by ALL politicians and even by your own group. Check out this link:http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/pol/doc-eng.aspx?id=12314#appc
    This is a policy that the Federal govt. instituted to bring some common-sense to the language issue – where English-speakers are the majority, English should be first; where French are the majority, French should be first. However, now that the French are in control, even in Ontario where they make up just over 4% of the population, they make French first and foolish English-speakers like some of the commentators are so eager to acknowledge their own 2nd class status that they are willing to step back and kow-tow to their French-speaking masters. Shame on you!!!

  10. “Thank you Tammy!!”… for stirring up the shit pot of animosity between the Francophone and Anglophone people who live in, and visit the township. Your contribution to the harmony and good feelings between our neighbours should be applauded! Let’s keep this fight going until all the danged French people move back to Quebec, and stay there where they belong! Good for you Tammy! At last there is a Deputy Mayor with balls.
    Let’s show them Frenchies a thing or two. You Rule!

  11. To all the people who are supporting Tammy Hart and her ridiculous position on these signs, get a grip on things! It’s just a sign. This isn’t part of some elitist French Liberal master plan. If you think it is then you need a reality check. Those in Canada who have a problem with bilingualism better get with the program because like it or not we ARE a bilingual Country and no amount of pissing and moaning will change that. If seeing English and French on a sign can fill you with this much anger then a move out west might be in order. P.S.- I don’t speak French either

  12. Makes you wonder why a farm girl feels so threatened by French-first on a sign…..

  13. Do all farm girls feels so threatened by French-first on a sign…..or is it just Tammy?

  14. Has anyone thought to ask the French-speaking citizenry what they think about the sign or have we just relegated them to second-class citizens who should obey what English-speaking citizens say?

  15. Careful, Furtz, how far you push your irony. Rednecks don’t do irony. They may take you literally and embrace you as one of their own.

  16. I think some Rednecks have a sense of humour. Even Tammy.

  17. The US is tolerant, the melting pot is much more effective in creating patriotism and ensuring common goals than multiculturism and perhaps even the way Quebec and our appeasment divides our country.

    Canada is not a bilingual country, one bilingual province does not a bilingual country make.

    This sign is a symptom of a greater issue much like wanting a 7up on Air Canada, demanding a bilingual police ticket in nowhere Alberta or the Languages Commisioner spending money on secret shoppers.

    Getting personal in your comments does not prove a point, 41 years of the Official Languages Act has not created much change in Canada’s bilingual numbers, but sure has created alot of taxpayer funded work.

    Man made the rules, man can change them.

  18. This issue about signs in Ontario is not one of denying French, or refinements in language grammar, but, on the contrary, one of helping to restore equity in the face of injustices since Trudeau’s Official Languages Act of 1969.
    1. There is no intent to exclude French where circumstances justify, only that English should be given preference where French is used.
    2. French/Quebec-speaking Canadians, a minority, now dominate the federal government, underming Canadian democracy.
    3. Ontario, an officially English-speaking province, does allow French in appropriate circumstances.
    4. Quebec, next door, where even the Canadian flag in not flown, positively forbids English signs, unless subservient to French, unlike any other country in the world!
    It is just a matter of equity, respect, and a gesture towards trying to prevent further loss of democracy and justice in Canada, instead of submitting to more subversive inequity.

  19. Kim Lian Khoo says it perfectly, and Eric sums it up.
    This is not a Bilingual country, we have an official Bilingual Government that does ensure even French be offered on any Governmental document or in any office, in any part of this country. But thats it. Quebec takes 10 steps further with their own language Police, and actually looks for English offenders. Not to mention many other insane laws that radically stop the use of English or education in Quebec.Unfortunately this has fueled a false acceptance to the fact that French must rule. French must be first, and French must prevail in any province, in any town. Whereas the counterpoint is, common sense must prevail. IE:, if the numbers of French population dictate, then signage should be appropriately assigned. Just like it would if Chinese was to prevail in a town. Unfortunately again, the French do not allow Common sense or common law into their culture. In order to “win” you must subdue the enemy (English) and that is done with laws. The onslaught on the rest of Canada with bilingualism, and with the Provincial shared monies (funneled one way into Quebec) has been and is extraordinary. Imagine for 1 minute what our health care would be like with 50% of that money! But sadly enough there is not 1 real French person that would say, lets relax the Official Bilingualism West of Ontario, and funnel that money into Health care. I can remember when the Franco-Ontarioian group wanted to remove some English painted signs (Ie Stop, caution, Slow Children playing) as apparently they confused the French only drivers, thus making a dangerous situation..so they claimed. So anybody who claims,..Ahhh its only one sign,…Yes,..it is one sign here,..another there…a couple more here,..and before you know it,…French first will be accepted, and then what does it matter if its French only… Open your Eyes Ontario! Ive seen MANY French only signs in Ontario, the Franco Green Fleur des Lys flying without the Ontario flag beside it…and its allowed!
    Tammy Hart – Way To Go..! Common Sense must prevail.

  20. There is no intent to exclude French where circumstances justify, only that English should be given preference where French is used.
    Ontario, an officially English-speaking province, does allow French in appropriate circumstances.
    Quebec positively forbids English signs, unless subservient to French.
    It is just a matter of equity, respect, and a gesture towards trying to prevent further loss of democracy and justice in Canada, instead of submitting to more subversive inequity.

  21. It’s almost amusing how some of the arguments here about the fear of Anglophones being wiped out by Francophones pretty much parallels the insane rantings of the preacher re the takeover of our society by homosexuals (sodomites) and godless Muslims and Catholics, and dope smokers etc. Do sane people actually believe that bilingual signs at tourist attractions are a threat to their way of life, and their very existence? Some people seem to think that because there are “repressive” sign laws in Quebec, we in Ontario should have equally “repressive” sign laws just to get even. Should all the French portions of the interpretive signs at Upper Canada Village be covered up or removed? I don’t recall if they appear on the left or right side of the signs, so maybe Tammy and her like-minded friends should check that out, and make sure our way of life isn’t being threatened there as well. Here a suggestion for Tammy and her friends. Set up an organization. Call it Anglo Freedom Fighters. Do a complete inventory of all public signs between the Quebec border and Kingston, and demand that English is prominent on each and every sign. True, it will be a big and time consuming job, but it will keep a bunch of small-minded people busy for a long time. And that would be a good thing.

  22. Author

    Furtz to the penalty box for double minor – Two minutes for attempting to lure Pastor Tom into the fray and two minutes for twisting two controversial subjects together…. 🙂

  23. Chris Miller and Jim Allan’s comments are intelligent comments that address the issue and it is a serious issue. The posters who just want to insult and call Tammy names are the cowards who have NO argument to make. If they are French-speakers, I can understand that. They’ve been allowed to grow their power over the 42 years of the OLA and want to ensure that their new-found power is preserved for their group. But the English-speakers who think that it’s OK for the French to be first and given a more prominent place – those are the pathetic ones who don’t even understand that the 4% French-speakers are now so powerful that they can ride rough-shod over all of us and we have NO defense. Where they are supported by billions of dollars to fight every court case possible, the English-speakers have NO resource to fight back!!! So they just sit back and let it all happen because it is easier that way. English-speaking Quebecers had to leave for other parts of Canada to find jobs and to be able to live in the English language; French-speaking Quebecers go to N.B. to take up senior positions that the local N.B. citizens could not fill because more and more jobs are designated “bilingual”. Now even that is not good enough – the Acadians want “duality” or “segregation” where French-speakers have their own schools and health-clinics. The English institutions of course must be bilingual to cater to the French-speakers!!! If Ontarians are not aware of what can happen to them with the French-speakers in charge of all public institutions, just ask yourself why the signs are French on top and to the left (contrary to the Federal Identity Policy). If you still haven’t read this policy, please do so. You can use this link: http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/pubs_pol/sipubs/tb_fip/fip-pcim2_e.asp#appc or this one: http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/pol/doc-eng.aspx?id=12314#appc

  24. Good call Jamie. Couldn’t help myself. Will try to behave for a while. 🙂

  25. @ Kim Lian Khoo. Does anyone with a functioning brain give a rat’s a$$ about which side of a sign (left or right) a particular language appears? We have real problems like poverty, homelessness, hunger, sodomites and hydro bills to deal with. I suggest that you and Tammy get together and maybe form a group, as I suggested above. Getting the sign injustice dealt with first would be a great start. Once that’s done, yous could start working on renaming Long Sault, Mille Roche and Moulinette to McDonald’s Rapids, Thousand Rocks, and Riverview Heights. As Jack said many times, Always have a dream that will last longer than you….or something like that.

  26. Author

    Furtz that’s twice tonight you’ve mentioned Sodomites…um…erm….is there something you want to share?

  27. Just filling in for the preacher. What have you done with him, Jamie? I’m feeling a huge hole in my very being without his spiritual guidance. Maybe Tammy knows where he is.

  28. I have been posting under the original article and would like to add to this conversation even though this is the same conversation!

    My father is francophone and I am bilingual! The sign is grammatically correct! I only speak french to my daughter because it will be easier for her to learn english as she grows older! She will attend a french school when she is old enough and will recognize the french signs more clearly then the english signs until she gets a bit older! There is nothing wrong with having bilingual signs unless you are close-minded to the fact that there are francophones living in this area!

    I do not beleive that there is a problem with the sign just with the knowledge of the language! Especially, by the complainant Mrs. Hart! You have to have the french first on this sign to make it grammatically correct! Plus, the message at the bottom is english first then french!

    This is honestly a ridiculous complaint that really shouldn’t get any attention. What is the remedy? There is no way of making the sign better! Removing the french is backwards thinking and would be a horrible marketing idea. If the sign was just in english people would say “We should add french to the sign to make it easier for visitors to read!”

    Regarding statistics: French is one of Canada’s Official Languages; english being the most popular! 23.2 % of Canadian’s mother tongue is French; as per wikipedia! According to Stats Canada’s 2006 Census over 40% of the people living in S.D. & G. have a knowledge of both official languages!

    Within one hour of Long Sault here are the Stats from Statistics Canada (2006 Census). The following shows how many people declare French Only or French and English as their mother tongue:

    Cornwall: 24.95%
    Hawkesbury: 80.89%
    Ottawa / Gatineau: 33.12%
    Brockville: 3.08%
    Montreal: 49.62%

    In Total, their is a little over 3 million people who live within an hour of Long Sault and it is reasonable to say that this would be the MAJORITY of visitors to the Long Sault Parkway!

    41.81% of People who live within ONE HOUR of Long Sault declared their MOTHER TONGUE either French Only or French and English on their 2006 Census!

    The comment made is ignorant to our nieghbours and is not TRULY CANADIAN! Why would you exclude over 40% of the population? Who cares what Quebec does and if they do something wrong then they are wrong! It doesn’t mean we stop doing a better job and continue to progress and enhance our community!

    I think some people like the media attention! However, as a politician you are suppose to represent your constituence at ALL TIMES and the image given is that LONG SAULT is ANTI-FRENCH! This is not true but this politician is out of touch with reality!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  29. Could a more petty sense of priorities be demonstrated, than responding so prolifically (pro or con) to such a non-issue?

    Perhaps “Give us your DNA” isn’t a joke after all.

  30. Admin,

    I am confused, but not surprised, that you brought anti-American sentiment into this very Canadian issue. Last time I listened, American” was English and America is one big family, so your comment has no bearing in this discussion. But, since you brought it up, I have divided my time living in both countries over the past 17 years. Americans speak English and are extremely tolerant, welcoming, and generous. Like any country there are a few outspoken groups, but please do not judge a country by a few people. My husband and I have had much better employment opportunites in the US because we are judged on our skills and talents rather than our ability to speak French. We currently live in Georgia because this is where we could both have very good positions. Would we rather live in Ottawa? You bet! Ottawa is home, but employment there is limited for this Anglophone and I need and want to work full-time in a job that is challenging and allows me to work hard and advance. That didn’t happen in Ottawa. We are hoping the Harper government will start evening out the language playing field, to create more and better employment oportunites for Anglophones so there will be equal opportunites and a reason to return. The sign is a small cog in a much bigger wheel. Good for all the people who have taken the time to speak out about the rights of English speakers in Ontario.

  31. You nailed it, Mike. Now, keep your head down, be white, and speak English.

  32. You can see how quickly Anglo concerns turn to ANTI-FRENCH being labeled upon us. People leaving our country to simply work their skills in English (Nancy) the mass exodus from Quebec simply because the rights of English Canadians were trampled on….All OK in this country…Yes Quebec is still a part of Canada, and yet these laws and rules are allowed to exist and be enforced. But let a forum such as this be given some light..and Bam…. we are now Anti French. Mike, most of us have lived and felt the pressures of the Social Laws in Quebec, where English is not wanted, American or Canadian. We are NOT Anti French,..we are however PRO English in the rest of Canada. French Should be on that sign, just not in the prominence that it is. Everybody knows that to be the “Long Sault Parkway” and thats how it should of been written…Long Sault Parkway all in the same LARGE letters. “Chemin du” should remain in the current size and place… and the location of the Parks of the St.Lawrence should switch sides. As it stands now, looking at that sign it does come across as a prominent French sign. And thats all Tammy and the rest of us are trying to get across. So, lets talk solutions now,…can we get this done..?

  33. Thanks Chris.

  34. To be pro English does not mean anti French! As we see above there are documents stating the province’s predominate language should be listed first, there is nothing wrong or evil in keeping check of our government levels.In fact, is it not our responsibilty?

  35. Everyone here seems to dislike Quebec’s language laws, because they are discriminatory and a long way from democracy. I dislike them to the extent that if I need to buy something, and it is made in Quebec, I will look for a product made elsewhere.

    But what is wrong with the sign? Nothing. It says what it needs to say, it is grammatically OK, and it looks quite nice. But people have to nitpick and bitch because it includes French? Get a life! Do you really want to descend into the same pile of manure the Quebec Government calls home? Do we really want Ontario to become like Quebec, and generally reviled? Since when do two wrongs equal a right? Why can’t we be the better people?

  36. I agree Watcher. Why should we in Ontario be bigoted jerks just because Quebec has repressive sign laws? I’d say that life must be pretty damned good if all it takes is which language appears on the left or right on a tourist sign is enough to get one’s shorts in a knot. If The Official Languages Act (1969) is really offensive, or is causing problems for people, they should lobby their MP, and support whichever federal party promises to abolish it. We have a provincial election coming up soon, so it would be a good time for those with knotted shorts to talk to their local candidates and support the one who promises to make the English language prevail, at least on Ontario signs. I personally think that there are much more important issues that have to be dealt with, but that’s just me.

  37. The Watcher, Ontario spends more money than what is needed for the few who really need French services. We have gone beyond a few people being available to asist when needed. Laws start out with the best of intentions and it spirals out of control because entire departments are created and they have to improve their numbers / efficiency to meet some made up matrix. This just balloons costs to another strata.
    The Ottawa hospital will now only hire bilingual and had to expand the hospital to accomodate people from Quebec. Why do Ontario taxpayers have to pay an additional health tax for this? And I bet it decreases wait times, eh?

    The point concerning this sign covers the use of French first at the top in a province where English first is the rule.

    I see now that South Glengarry is trail testing some bilingual signs, along major routes. This will show a larger difference between the Provinces.

  38. admin said “WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY” Thats why they always want to seperate . Wake up people. Reveiller!!!!!!!! Notice english first . Am I the only person that remembers 1980 and 1995 ? I should have encouraged yes . Tammy Hart is my Rosa of the parks and we are not moving to the back of the bus .

  39. Author

    Cortez I had a loft on Crescent Street in Montreal in 1995. I lived in middle of it all and it was very interesting. Yes, we are all one big family whether some of us like it or not.

  40. With the money we spend on French we should force the hand of Quebec to provide signage in English.

    Aren’t the current language pracitces in the Province of Quebec bordering on the descriminatory?

  41. The issue of respecting the majority of citizens of Canada and the Province of Ontario is that we are overwhelmingly English, outside of Quebec. To pull stat’s that include French speakers from Quebec is a red herring issue…they are not residents of Ontario, it’s that simple. Approx. 4% of Ontario is French speakers (2% bilingual and 2% unilingually French)…that translates into a vast majority (96%) of Ontario that is English.

    Considering the Liberal Governments ploy to artificially increase the number of French in Ontario by (census) designating that all persons, if they can speak, read or write ANY French are automatically designated as French speakers. That way, they can use the false increase in French speakers to force Ontario to be officially designated as bilingual and thereby increase provincial spending to further “frenchify” the Province.

    That’s where the English majority needs to sit up and take notice. The time has come to fight by speaking out, writing the press/media, writing your MP and PM Harper…now before it’s too late! Joic the fight by checking out “Canadians for Language Fairness” and/or “Howard Galganov”.

    Canada is not bilingual, it has two official languages. We should be majority ruled instead of minority governed.

    Would rather the Government’s time, money and efforts benefited all citizens, no matter their language choices rather than a linguistic minority group!!! Imagine what we could do with that money…the military/defence, health care, elderly/child care and the environment would be benefit! Canadians would ALL benefit…not just the French!

  42. Well said, Colleen. I might add one or two words to your statement, “Canada is not bilingual [yet], it has two [some day it might be three or four…] official languages.” The world, including Canada, is constantly evolving and changing. The percentage of french speakers is getting smaller compared to the number of people speaking English and other languages. Canadian demographics are changing. We all know that that Quebec, Ontario, and the federal governments continue endorsing french and, if left unchecked, Canada will become bilingual even where numbers clearly do not warrant it – it’s already happened in some places. As Canadian demographics change and history is written, other small, but significant groups will start demanding rights equal to Quebec and, let’s face it, what political party won’t try to get those votes by giving in, just as they have always done, and continue to do, for Quebec and francophones. Canadians have to decide whether they want to continue official bilingualism and, as Canada changes, possibly official multilingualism. We are not anti-French but pro-English and pro-Canada.

    Several people have pointed out the cost of official bilingualism, costs born by English and other non-French speaking citizens. Add to that list the cost of lost talent and skills from people who work in jobs that underutilize their skills and talents in favour of placing francophones into positions for which they are not qualified.

    Chris suggested that we find solutions. I have one to propose. Rather than insisting that everyone be bilingual, why not hire English and French speaking people (and any other languages prominant to an area) and let those empolyees serve the clients/customers/patients, etc who speak their language. When I worked in the government many years ago, I had to make one call per year to Quebec. For that call, I enlisted the help of one of my French collegues (who was, after all, earning a bilingual bonus for that call) and it worked well. (After I left, my position was deemed bilingual because of that one call per year, a call easily handled by any one of a number of francophones in the office.) In the South, there is a large population of Mexican speaking people. Some of the stores post a list of the employees who speak Spanish and there are always a couple of Spanish speaking employees on the floor at any time of the day or night. Everyone gets served in the language of their choice without the cost of training everyone to speak Spanish. The same logic can apply to hospitals and most other services. It works.

  43. Thanks for your keen observations and support, Nancy. Would actually take your excellent suggestions much further…why not have 24/7 toll free numbers available for a large number of languages. According to government stat’s the top languages (in order of significance) in Canada are: English, Mandarin/Cantonese, Spanish, Italian and etc (not sure of the rest of the list’s order for German, Arabic, etc., but French is tenth on the list). Why not service most of the citizens of Canada and not just one linguistic minority. This would be the most cost effective and efficient means to service Canadians.

    Imagine the possibilities, if we stop trying to force the overwhelmingly English citizens of Canada (80%) to be French and instead focus on teaching the minuscule number of unilingual French to speak, read and write in English. The cost savings would be astronomical, especially if you looked at the figures long term. Over the last 40 odd years the Liberal Governments have aggressively promoted Official Bilingualism to English Canadians. Imagine the vast amount of taxpayers money that has been wasted on the these polices/agendas. The truth is that the French resent Official Bilingualism, they want all of Canada to be FRENCH, only. Evidenced by the increasing number of “French” only, daycares, schools, community centres, and etc.

    You only have to look at the Province of Quebec which has erased and eradicated the basic rights of their citizens: to obtain schooling in English, operate business in English, place English signs on moving vehicles, have English signs, and etc. The list is exhaustive and also should include the renaming of all streets, parks, roads, communities (ex: Hull) to French names and the obliteration any evidence of English history and language continues. This is not paranoia, this is fact. If, English Canada remains complacent to the “Frenchification” of Ontario and Canada, WE all lose.

    As Quebec is officially and unilingually French, the Rest of Canada should follow suit and declare ourselves, officially and unilingually English. Quebec hasn’t even signed onto Canada, so why are we pandering to this Province?

    Enough is enough, the time has come for a referendum on the subject. Especially with the debt load of Canada, we need to eliminate one of the most expensive and least effective, social engineering sacred cow programs that Canada has ever had implemented.

  44. All you francophobes should demand that Hudak tell you what he is prepared to do, besides not speaking French, to put an end to this scourge.

  45. This sign should be removed as well as all other signs with French names or French words! So let’s change the name of exit 776 from Moulinette to Hart (to honour our wonderful deputy mayor). Let’s change Ouellet street to something else because Ouellet definetely sounds French. Millesroches street should be renamed. I propose Thousandstones. Ho, and what about French street? Any ideas? With 96% of the people in Ontario speaking English, we should really worry that French will take over English eventually. Thanks God we have Tammy for bringing really important issues like this to our attention.

  46. Martin Lachance, 97% of workplaces in Ontario operate using mostly English. Census 2006. This sign like about 5 others within the St Lawrence parks group are wrong. The predominate language of the province, in this case English, should be first on the sign. The federal government offers advice on the subject for anyone that wants to look it up.

    The top should say PARKS OF THE ST. LAWRENCE upper left, and LES PARC DU SAINT – LAURENT upper right.
    Read some of the letters on this media, then offer your own version of events so we can have a discussion.

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