Ontario Election Comes Down to One Issue – Stability and Solid Leadership, or Car Salesmen Sound Bits – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – August 26, 2011

Cornwall ON – The writ is about to fall soon and it will be time for the province of Ontario to make a huge decision and one that will impact all of Canada.   From coast to coast the ripples of this election will be felt, if not right away, shortly thereafter.

The voters of Ontario will have the ability to give Mr. Harper his “Hat Trick” by electing Tim Hudak or by using many of the  exact same insights that put Mr. Harper in power by staying the course and re-electing Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

It’s such an easy choice when you get by the glib cut lines like “Changebook” and “Taxman”.   If Canada has weathered the recession it’s in part to the core of the country; Ontario.  I can tell you that in this riding a lot of jobs were sustained with the infrastructure projects.  Healthcare has improved in many areas.

What has impressed me most about the McGuinty government was the attack on generic drug costs and kick backs to pharmacists.    It took a lot of integrity and courage to take those steps.   The people of Ontario that I speak to do care about healthcare.  They do care about jobs, education, the environment, and above all a tolerant and balanced society with hope.

But there’s a dark and sinister play going on when you pull back the curtain and see the levers being manipulated.

State funeral for Jack Layton?    Jack was a great person and great Canadian, and probably nobody did more to help Stephen Harper attain his dream of gaining a majority government, but I’m hearing a lot of rumblings of hopes of helping the provincial NDP under Andrea Horvath by whipping up Jack Layton sentiment short of the election.

Like Ms Horvath’s spin says “This NDP is not your Grand Fathers NDP”    It doesn’t “own” labour in Ontario.  I’m not sure what they truly represent?    I know that they have some very ……”Liberal” ideas, but in the end this election comes down to one simple choice.

Stability and recovery for Ontario by re-electing Dalton McGuinty or something worse than the Mike Harris years with Tim Hudak who doesn’t seem to have the testicular fortitude to state his opinions on issues from Abortion to tax dumping on Municipalities while having Billions of  of holes in his “changebook”

Sometimes change isn’t a good thing…and remember, Tim Hudak is a Bruins fan.

Jamie Gilcig

Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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