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People get sick and have medical problems  in shopping malls, restaurants, buses, trains etc.  What happens if someone gets sick on a long flight on an airplane ?  What kind of help is available?
Question asked by Grace.


All Flight Attendants are trained in first aid and CPR.   Passenger airplanes carry first aid kits, large jets also carry a medical kit and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  The medical kit contains basic medical tools and some medications.
If there is a medical professional on board who would volunteer his/her assistance, the captain may allow him/her access to this medical kit.
There is also a hospital-based medical advisory service providing emergency medical assistance to the aviation industry.  Medical advice is provided by one of emergency care physicians on duty in the emergency room at one of several hospitals participating in this service.  Pilots can contact this service by communications radios on board of airplanes. When a medical emergency is reported, a physician is assigned to work with Cabin Crew or on board medical professional (volunteer) to assist the situation and recommend a plan of care.

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