Letter to the Editor – Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls Ontario on Harper Government and the Wheat Board Decision – August 29, 2011

Dear Editor,

Prime Minister Harper words, “The government’s position has always been that the government governs for everyone,”  . . . “We remain the government because we maintain the confidence of the Canadian population. That involves listening to the population and involves listening to the opposition,” are most reassuring.

Will the Prime Minster honour his word? Will he be “listening to the population”, to  those whose livelihood will be affected by removal of the Canadian Wheat Board as the single desk agent for exporting Western Canadian grown wheat and barley?

The farmers views have been expressed in a plebiscite in the same manner as in the B.C. HST vote, by mail in ballot which closed August 24th.

Will the Prime Minister honour his words and listen to those affected or act on the basis of what he considers to be “in the country’s best interest”.?

Will his reassuring words be proven to have been real or baseless political rhetoric?

Joe Hueglin – Niagara Falls, Ontario

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  1. Joe, when has this government listened to experts on climate change, crime, the gun registry, the long-form census, Canada’s foreign aid, Canada’s position on human rights, you name it? Your phrase “baseless political rhetoric” is right on. Face it, for the next four years we are saddled with government by the party of Contempt.

  2. Put it this way, Joe: This is a government of experts in everything; they don’t need to listen to anyone.

  3. Perhaps it is good the government does not listen to so called experts in that the gun registry was a colossal wasteful expense and in many ways a farce. It was simply do nothing Liberal political correctness that did not solve nor address anything of substance. Good riddance to it and cheers that Harper decided logic and common sense shall apply. Can we have something that seriously does address the issue of illegal guns, gangs, criminals and crime!!! As for climate change we now see it is not all it was cooked up to be. Although Liberals signed the Kyoto accord they did nothing… absolute zilch! Again hollow actions of leftist political correctness and no substance. Harper honoring the Kyoto Accord at such late date after years of inaction would have been economically irresponsible, especially considering the short time frame remaining. Globally Canada is only accountable for 4% of emissions. Perhaps more prudent for the big emitters and economic powerhouses to take action first.

    The next four years shall be a refreshing change as do-nothing political correctness takes a back seat to logic and common sense. Action with immigration is another example of previous do-nothing political correctness falling aside in face of pro-active logic and common sense.

    As for the Wheat Board I confess it is a issue I have not followed. Thus I do not know the pros and cons. I do however find this article confusing as a plebiscite did go out to farmers asking if they wish to remain selling through the CWB or on a open market. I do know via media reports and news clips there are farmers wanting to sell on the open market and indeed some have been transporting their wheat to the US directly. Although ballots close August 24 results will not be known until September 9th. It seems to me Joe is jumping the gun as September 9th has not yet arrived.

    Sounds mostly as a anti-Harper rant and some eager to jump on the anti-Harper bandwagon. As for myself, I think I shall further research the pros and cons of this issue and to await the results on September 9.

  4. that’s your opinion PJR, let us not forget that it was a majority of Canadians who elected this government, would you paint them all with the same brush?

  5. Is 40% now greater than 50%?

  6. Facts, Stan, not opinions! Harper sheep, like their shepherd, aren’t interested in facts. And as Furtz says, Is 40% now greater that 50%?

  7. @ PJR. It’s called New Math! A whole new mathematical concept used to measure political success. Sure beats having to get the majority of votes in order to win absolute power.

  8. Furtz, In case I get (you) into trouble with the Harper typo police, I meant to type “Is 40% now greater than 50%?”

  9. As a Western Canadian farmer I strongly support the proposed  changes to the CWB. Its long overdue. The debate is about property rights, my fundemental right to sell my grain to whom I choose. Currently if I sold my Wheat or Malting Barley to someone other than the Canadian Wheat Board I would be put in jail (as others have). There is no question in my mind that one the single desk is gone my revenue and cashflow will increase. Currently the CWB tells us when to hall and keeps 75% of my cash for 16 months after it is hauled in. It is autocratic to insist that because some want it that all must suffer by it.

  10. Furtz you can use those figures but when they are flipped around to show how many did not vote Liberal or NDP it speaks volumes! It portrays a more accurate picture. As much as it puts a knot in your shorts fact is more votes were garnered for Harper than Ignatieff or Layton. Under our democratic system Harper has his majority. The next four years will reflect such regardless if you are capable to accept such reality. Regardless look where the Liberals and NDP are now. Both are with major leadership problems and currently incapable of managing the country. Heck they would be lucky to manage a chip stand let alone get their act quickly together as a force to be reckoned with. Both the Liberals and NDP are rudderless and lost. Both look to find their mantra… to find themselves! Leftist feel-good do nothing political correctness is no longer vogue. Common sense, logic and action is the new order of the day. Live in your leftist bubble if you want, but I suspect the next four years will be with much positive change. Perhaps in next four years Liberals and NDPers will discover leadership and which direction it is they wish to venture.

  11. There are three kinds of people in this world; those who are good with numbers, and those who aren’t.

  12. Actually Furtz there are three kinds of people in the world: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and, like yourself, those who don’t know whats happening!

  13. There are 10 kinds of people who understand binary
    Those who do and those who don’t!

  14. And it’s a little known fact that in ten out of every nine people, one shouldn’t be there.

  15. PJR & Furtz, perhaps you couldn’t understand what I said earlier about the Conservatives being elected by a majority of Canadians. What I should have elaborated on was that it was a majority of the voting Canadians, the rest was split between the NDP and the now almost-defunct Liberals. Next time I’ll try and write in simpler terms so that you might understand whats being said.

  16. However you want to spin it, The Cons got 39.6% of the votes cast. 60.4% of the votes cast were split between the Libs, NDP, BQ, and Greens. I still can’t get it through my thick skull how 39.6% constitutes the majority of votes.

  17. DaveWesternFarmer… much appreciate your commenting as it’s excellent to hear perspective and insight from someone directly involved and affected by it. Also refreshing to read something of substance that is not simply political rhetoric.

  18. Furtz… matters not.. HARPER IS WITH HIS MAJORITY… HELLOOOOOO! Woooohooooo 🙂 Seek out all the sour grapes you want and squeeze them to your hearts content. In a five party race logic and common sense(which the left most often fails to govern with) dictates the majority of votes to any one candidate is not possible. Regardless I can understand your wanting to sugar coat a pill that is bitter for you to swallow. The mathematical number that is relevant is 4 as in four years of a Conservative majority…. 4 as in four years for the Liberals and NDP to find and define themselves. At present all the left is capable of rhetoric. The opening words in response to this article is perfect example of such.

  19. No sour grapes at all, Garfield. The Cons won their majority fair and square under our system. Just don’t say they got the majority (over 50%) of the votes. The Libs deserved to be decimated, given their performance over the last four years. The NDP deserve to be the Official Opposition seeing they’ve been the only party to oppose since Harper became PM.

  20. Rubbish, Garfield. However you choose to slice it or spin it, we have a government that ignores evidence, facts and the advice of experts, attacks often personally those who in good faith have a different view, and has been found in contempt of Parliament. All of this is well known. How much lower can you set the bar for your Conservatives and their political rhetoric?

  21. Agreed Furtz, I can live with that. To me the fact Harper did not get 50% of the votes is irrelevant for reasons mentioned. I and majority of Canadians remain to acknowledge Harper and Conservatives carry the vote in Parliament and that is recognized majority enough for us.

    I also think the Liberals deserved their fate but I also think it is a bonus for them. I say that because they were with much infighting and disoriented. I believe what happens now is in being at ground zero the Liberals in need for relevancy and survival will pull together and to become stronger as a result…. a Phoenix arising from the ashes. They are down but not out as the Liberal brand remains strong. After so many years in power they are with experience, remain with core supporters and a popularity base. All the ingredients are there for them to do what is required to be done. The onus is upon them to become of relevance and to make it happen.

    I did not like nor identify with nor respect recent Liberal governments. Obvious many others became to feel similar. Time will tell if the obvious is heeded and change to come forth.

  22. PJR evidence by experts… which experts!!! Look at climate change… the experts of one viewpoint or experts of the opposite viewpoint or the experts of falsified statistics and reports. The pharmaceutical industry is a well documented similarity with same three factors. The gun registry experts? Many pro-registry experts were part of the system and thus with bias; regardless there were similar percentage of anti-registry experts whom were both a part of and not a part of the system that had opposite viewpoint. Thus which expert advice does one desire to accept. With the gun registry the tie was broken by applying fiscal prudence, logic and common sense. I would say that is a worthy tie-breaker, a worthy decision maker.

    With this article Joe Hueglin questions if the Prime Minster shall honour his word? What word? Which people of the population? I would think the plebiscite is the word to be considered… the word of those directly affected. September is not yet here but already he alludes Harper will dismantle the CWB. Joe is singing a tune and PJR attempts to build it into a brass band!

    I ask what about those Western Canadians with viewpoint opposite of Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls, Ontario. I ask what about those Canadians such as Dave… a western crop farmer directly involved with the CWB and with direct firsthand experience and whose liveliehood(unlike Joe’s) is directly affect by the Canadian Wheatboard Board.

    Which people Joe? Which experts PJR?

  23. Actually Garfield, I don’t give a rat’s ass if you “can live with that”. That’s just the way it is. It will be interesting to to see how long it will take for the big Lib and NDP egos to realize that they have to unite, like the Reformatories did. My money is on about two years from now.

  24. Experts and evidence, Garfield?

    Climate change: Try Nature herself–melting ice caps north and south; increasing drought and desert in the Sahara and the Horn of Africa; melting glaciers in the Himalayas…all of these things witnessed and documented; and try the Inuit.

    Gun registry: Try the association of police chiefs across Canada.

    Crime rates and the Conservatives so-called “tough-on-crime policy”: Try the eminent criminal lawyer, Edward Greenspan, and the eminent criminologist, Anthony Doob, and their op-ed piece in yesterday’s Globe and Mail.

    Of course, if you fall for the line that Harper knows best, why bother with experts or evidence?

  25. The removal of the Wheat board will be a godsend to smaller and independent farmers.

    As it stands now you can only produce what is deemed necessary by the wheat board. Farmers exceeding the quotas must decimate the crops. This lets entities such as the wheat board manipulate prices by eliminating food.

    n the past a few western farmers decided to neglect the wheat board and travelled to markets south of the border citing it was better to give it away then burn it. They lost pretty much everything as a result

    With out the wheat board it opens up to a competitive market and the same should be done for milk and the LCBO

  26. Furtz I do not know when when lights get turned on and the Libs and NDP see the obvious. It will not happen short term for various reasons. I think it will happen when the NDP caucus of newbies find themselves out of their league and differences between the Quebec and non-Quebec NDP agendas collide. At present they are riding a wave of confidence and confusion. A new leader and focus will be their priority.

    For Liberals they also are confident but less confused and more experienced than the NDP. Their focus also is a leader and direction. That makes no merger for next year or two. I believe as election approaches they will accept reality if they do not merge the vote remains divided.

    I think as time goes on Harper will be more acceptable to some voters that had reservations voting for him. I think his popularity will continue to increase as it has each election. Also his rough edge will become smoother. As the fourth year approaches I believe the left will merge or face reality of getting their asses whupped yet again.

  27. I would not say Harper knows best but I would say and do very much respect and appreciate he mostly applies logic and common sense as opposed to governing with a do-nothing political correct mindset.

    His action with Kyoto and the gun registry were reflections of such. With experts they are to be found on both sides of the spectrum and that is especially true with experts on causes of global warming. Falsified statistics and reports only add the debate about bias and integrity of experts in this field. The only clear given is that which we can see, but again of the causes of such, how much does our carbon footprint impact upon it. Which experts do we believe? What is balancing point between economics and carbon footprints? Does trading carbon credits reduce or solve anything? How and when will big carbon producers such as the US, India, Russia, China, etc. make reduction and change? The dividing choice when not crystal clear can be political correctness or economics or logic and common sense. As the Liberals signed the Kyoto Accord and did absolute nothing I perceived the signing as typical Liberal mamby-pampy feel-good optics and do nothing political correctness. Babble the talk but not walk the walk! That they signed gave optics they were listening to experts and something was being done. Prefer Harpers open truth… nothing was done thus far, the goal is unachievable in such short time frame and will substantially hurt Canada economically. If Canada is responsible for only 4% globally even big change at home would make little difference globally… yet small change by big contributors makes substantial change. Ironic Liberals did nothing for years then chastise Harper in deciding to follow their example. One was with smoke and mirrors the other gave open blunt assessment.

    As for the gun registry it was stupid, wasteful and solved nothing of substance. Simply more typical government intrusion, Liberal do-nothing political correctness in response to Marc Lepine. It focused on law abiding citizens that are not the problem in society while ignoring the real problem of gangs, shootings, illegal handguns, criminal elements, etc. I would not exactly consider the self serving Association of Police unbiased experts. There are police officers and police chiefs that have spoken contrary to this umbrella group of police chiefs. What real problem did the gun registry solve, what real crime or death did it prevent! None… absolute none and at what exorbitant cost to taxpayers!

    As far immigration there are experts conveying the current crackdown on illegal immigrants is wrong. I am assuming there are also those that it is best. Again I prefer the logic and common sense approach by Kenny and Toews that currently is under way as opposed to the do-nothing political correctness of past.

  28. So 59% of Canadians voted. We all know that. Of those 59% which very few were under 45 yrs old we know that 39% voted for our present Fascist Extreme Right Wing Skin Head Government who REFUSES to be called Canadian and labels themselves Harper Government. Let me do the simple math for the Harper hicks: .39 X 59 = 23% Of those 23%, 10% work directly for the Federal government. Of course of those 10% most of them have a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or family. Approximately another 10% will vote for the Fascist Skin Head/Reformers Called Harper Government out of financial obligation – He bought their vote. That leaves an unbiased 3% who just voted mindlessly for Stephen Harper. Exclusing the 20% OF BOUGHT VOTERS, Harper was able to ACTUALLY INFLUENCE 3% OF CANADIANS!! I would say that the Harperites are what you call a FRINGE GROUP that rarely represents anything that looks Canadian! Here are the Anti-Canadian components: 1. War! War! WAR! 2. Selling off 38 Sectors of the Canadian economy ie. Stelco Canada to Brazil 3. US Security policy over Canadian and replacing Canadian 4. Destroying Wheat Board of Canada against good judgement and will of Canadians 5.Switch and Bate Canadian funds (seen as stealing to most Canadians) 83 Million for “Border improvements” but instead given to Tony Clement and John Baird to do with as they wish – Clement spent $50 Million on his own riding improvements to buy votes and the other $33M is not located to date but both Baird and Clement said they have NO receipts and will NOT be reporting to Revenue Canada GST/HST clearly spent and seen as Tax Invasion 6. Contempt of parliament – Rejection of Canadian government conventions and the list is over 150 major complaints of a secretative Fascist government.

  29. The Calgary Herald just completed a survey asking Calgarians if they see the Harperites as a strong leadership government. Over 60% clearly voted that Harper was a hopeless very poor leader and they DID not and WOULD NOT support him in any fashion. It was thoroughly embarassing to see this but there is no denying that this man does not represent the views of Calgarians!! Think about it. The same fool reversed the Income Trust act and Calgarians lost over 30 BILLION DOLLARS!! We dont forget that very soon. We also remember that this same idiot gave away our softwood lumber claim and sold us out to the Americans. And NOW he has just given away all the security rights at our border to the U.S. allowing the American carte blanche operation of our borders and open control of all Canadian security. The real key to his stupidity is the 600 Billion and climbing that we owe with no way in a billion years to pay down…In fact his plan is to spend, spend, spend Canada into oblivion!! More prisons (hire more Canadians to vote for him) More Army, Navy, Airforce – he will find battles to spend money on – he just spent 1.3 Billion on the Libyan Rebels and who knows how much money was spent in Afganistan….more new army trucks (About 1 Billion just announced), jets that were just refurbished for 1.6 Billion two years ago he wants to replace with an inferior F-35…… I dont see how he expects to pay down anything like that?? Where I come from they call this lying. Bald faced lies! Wheat Board – Kiss the Western farmers good bye! Prices will drop beyond survival….family farm..GONE. How do we get rid of this clown Harper?? God help us.

  30. Wow! Terry is sure wound up. I’m no fan of Harper either, but……

  31. Well Terry your comments such as ” fascist extreme right wing skinhead government” speaks volumes…. with such intense bias it basically takes away your credence…. so have it, vent and ramble on. Creates so your comments are not worth effort of rebuttal. In truth it created such bias i confess I had not read it all. Hmmm that also speaks volumes as typically I am always willing to discuss, debate or rebuttal…. but only in a arena of respect and open minds. In the meantime Harper has handily kicked ass and with his majority government while both the Liberals and NDP wander about in left field trying to discover themselves. If the NDP does not smarten up and start making more logical, sensible decisions and if the Liberals continue as they have been, Harper will kick ass again in another four years. I do not want ongoing majority governments but it very well can happen!

  32. If Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are so bad then, pray tell us, why are they running our country?

  33. Indeed… thankfully Harper and the Conservatives are running the country. Seriously look at the confusion within the NDP and Liberals. At the moment neither is fit to run a kool-aid stand let alone a country!

    Harper and the Conservatives have been continually making progress and gaining in each election while the Liberals have been steadily declining. That speaks much! Harper is with a majority and that speaks much! Currently NDP and Liberals are leaderless and in effort of finding themselves… especially the Liberals. That speaks much!

  34. That is a good question Stan, why are the con-cons ruining the country? I think that without evil there can be no conscept of good. We need some perspective and it looks like we will get it for the next 4 years. Hopefully then the country will regain it’s common sense.

  35. @Stan. Stupid voters? Just kidding.

  36. Sure, sure—running the country into the ground.

  37. Now Reg. You know that Harper and his followers are being guided by a higher power. They know The Truth, and those who refuse to repent, and see The Light are doomed! These non-believers will surely burn for eternity in a mega-prison, built by SNC-Lavalin.

  38. Reg, for a pleasant change in having Harper with a majority government ‘common sense’ is exactly what we shall have. Watch and see… it will be a logical and refreshing change. I realize you are anti-Harper and that shall not change, but have faith 🙂

  39. “Common sense” à la Mike Harris, he means.

  40. The NDP spending spree by Bob Rae was a fiscal disaster and irresponsible. At end of his term as Premier he instituted Rae Days in effort to counteract his previous over spending. Mike Harris who unlike Pinocchio McGuinty, did what he said he would do. A mostly honest politician… kudos to Harris for such character trait! He mostly kept his promises of his Common Sense Revolution that the electorate voted for.

    Mostly I believe Harris was on the right track and doing what required to be done and doing what people voted him to do. He was snookered however when Martin and Chretien tightened the fiscal screws. In keeping the GST cash cow Chretien previously promised to get of, and in raiding the Employment Insurance Fund along with other measures, they were with cash flow into government coffers. Next it was required to cut expenditures. They did this by massively cutting transfer payments to the provinces. That was not anticipated by Provincial Premiers and had huge economic effect. As a result in addition to cutbacks such as nurses, Harris downloaded many services to municipalities. I do not understand why the media portrayed Harris as culprit of downloading to municipalities when the action that precipitated such was Chretien cutting the flow of funds from above.

    There are many that feel same as myself in believing Harris was not a bad Premier and respect he was mostly honest in striving to do as he said he would do and to be in direction that was required at the time. Most understand also that provincial economics were very much affected by Chretien and Martin getting federal economics in order.

  41. So now you are blaming the Liberals for Harris’s horrendous reign of cutbacks? Now that is a new spin from the con-con choir members.

    I agree that you have to admire an honest man who does what he says but if you say you are going to drive to a specific location and the road is washed out, you have to change your course. Doing what you say and ignoring all current information, common sense and logic is just plain stupid and possibly criminally so.

  42. Garfield you’re the first person to make any sense since I been coming here

  43. Garfield says: Harris was not a bad Premier and respect he was mostly honest, no honesty in any politician. Nice try tho,

  44. Well said, Reg. In other words, the need is for plain good sense, not idiot common sense.

  45. Hudak is actually saying out loud that drinking-water safety regulations are too stiff in Ontario!
    Harris taught him well. The folks in Walkerton, I’m sure, have a different take on that idea.
    Previous PC premiers, Bill Davis and Ernie “Oil-Can” Eves have no use for Fratboy, and won’t be seen in the same room with this jerk. Big Mike probably considers Hudak/Hutton to be family for obvious reasons, but he doesn’t need them anymore now that he’s a gazillionaire. I’m sure that the Hudak/Hutton people are respectfully asking Uncle Mike to stay the f away for the next month or two. Uncle Mike has this lingering stink about him that would kill Fratboy’s campaign efforts like a skunk at a picnic.

  46. Well stated Garfield

    The posts defiine those that work to achieve success and those thinking it is their right. A huge falicy with Eastern Ontario

  47. @Reg I am not blaming provincial Liberals because of Harris or Rae, but absolute I do convey fact Chretien and Martin had a huge part in it. You seem informed and astute enough so am surprised you allude with your comment they did not. Whereas Harris is the big bad boogey-man to those on the left, I did not see him as such and remain to wonder why Harris had full weight placed on his shoulders by the media when the federal Liberals absolute had huge impact on provincial finances with their transfer cuts. Bottom line is with NDP excessive wacky spending under the guidance of Rae, Ontario had overspent and the trend logically could not continue… at the end even NDP leader Bob Rae came to realize such and I give him kudos and credit for that. Unions perchance realized it also but surprise, surprise obviously cared not as they were with their own self interests which is human nature and thus not surprising.

    Some basic fiscal principles and concepts of a family budget can in essence be applied to a provincial and federal budget. Although government budgets are much more intricate it does not require a economics professor or a Mensa Scholar to determine one can not keep overspending and servicing the debt of compond interest. One can not continue maxing out ones credit cards. We are seeing the results of under-performing, over-indulgence, over-spending with the likes of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. We saw it with Rae and we are seeing it with McGuinty. The US in essence is in the same boat and foolishly voted to spend more, delve further in debt without spurring the economy onward nor making cutbacks. For government they are always with cash cow of increasing taxes and user fees but in time it comes back to bite us in the pocketbook. Before someone mentions Keynesian economics these countries are beyond that. Governments such as the U.S. and Canada can do that only so often before basic economic principles dictate it no longer works as a debt is always with a expense that must be serviced. Human nature is we like to party, spend, indulge and have a good ol’ time and we have disdain for those that have economic responsibility and to put a damper on the festivities.

    @Willie191 just because Pinocchio McGuinty is a chronic liar and panderer does not require all politicians be lumped in as same. We have had a few basically honest politicians. I would say David Lewis and Ed Broadbent were honest politicians. Also Preston Manning and Joe Clark… Clark I deemed as not too bright but the media nevertheless often referred to him as ‘Honest Joe’. Harris also I would classify as a basically honest politician. Perhaps Stephane Dion could be added for the Liberals.

  48. Hope you feel better now, Gar.
    Must be a good load off your mind.

  49. Yes it felt good to vent of Rae and Harris. Indeed I see some similarities with Pinocchio McGuinty. Same as when McGuinty has done sufficient damage with our economy and the electorate awakens to such. They will vote someone(most likely Conservative) to clean up the mess. Off course we will not like the pain of forced austerity measures and will then elect another tax & spender. Then the cycle will repeat itself.

    Unions are with self interests and pouring mega dollars into McGuinty’s campaign. They have been and shall be further rewarded for such. Sad to say I anticipate those advertising dollars shall buy Pinocchio McGuinty another four years. I’ve resigned myself to that scenario as Hudak flip flops as much as McGuinty, although I do not see him as the pander that McGuinty is. Hudak seems not to have a strong campaign and not demonstrating strong leadership. He and Horwath to me are the invisible candidates. Perchance they put forth renewed effort as campaigning officially gets underway.

    There… I’ve fully vented… feel much better now 🙂

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