Rebecca Gingrich of Princeton Ontario on Stephen Harper and Canadian Actions in Libya – September 2, 2011

Dear Editor,

Mr. Harper in his Statement in Italy yesterday said “And all Canadians thank you for the great job you have been doing.” such is not so.

Neither is their agreement with his statement  ‘a handful of soldiers is better than a mouthful of arguments.’ for it suggests more foreign ward may be in the offing.

There are no doubt those among your readership who have concern about Canada’s involvement in Libya.

Your publishing the following letter sent to the Prime Minister will inform them they are not alone and perhaps engender debate on your Opinion Page.

Mr Harper, –I have no doubt that you will never see this message but I had to send it anyway.  Mr. Harper–you were in Italy stating what a great job we are doing bombing (oops–saving) the people of Libya.  Bombing their food and water, hospitals and everything they need to survive certainly sounds ‘humanitarian’ to me.  God help us if you ever see the need to deliver humanitarian aid to Canada.  I have to ask if Canada got any of the spoils of a destroyed Libya when you were discussing that in Paris?  Did we get enough to make us forget the genocide we have in the bombing in which ‘Canada punched above its weight.’?

Libya had a great society that was governed for the people, not the elite.  They had free healthcare(even outside the country), free education right through University, and they even got money from the oil production.  I can see why the governments of ‘democracy’ would not want that to happen in our country. That would cut back on their ‘entitlements?

I am ashamed of Canada and your comments.  You may believe that everyone out here is a puppet like you, but we are not.  We know wrong when we see it.  Our actions in Afghanistan were reprehensible but our destruction of a great country for our own greed for power is beyond the pale.  I thought we had gone as low as we could go but then I read your words to the troops in Italy.  Reality is no longer part of our world–lies have trumped truth.  God help us all.

Rebecca Gingrich
Princeton, Ontario

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James Moak

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