Cornwall Free News – Ranked Number One Online Media Site Regionally Since March! Thank you to our Viewers and Dare to Compare! September 3, 2011

Cornwall ON –  A big thank you to our amazing viewers for keeping us the number one Canadian ranked site in our region on    We recorded our highest rating to date coming in at 2,258th.

Onward and upward!   Or in Alexa’s case, downward!    Retaining 2nd spot is The Standard Free Holder at 3,848.

The Cornwall Daily of Corus radio slithers back to 3rd with a ranking of 4,161

And the Seaway News is still over the horizon at 16, 460

Our Top Ten Ranked Cities for August 2011

1) Ottawa 26.03%

2) Cornwall 22.42%

3) Toronto  11.24%

4) Montreal 6.17%

Kingston, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga and Brockville round out our top ten and we’ll be visiting Brockville or Brock Vegas as it’s becoming known this month to profile this charming city just down the river from us in Cornwall and some of the things they’ve accomplished including their Arts and the impact it’s having on the city.

It’s fun sometimes to see what drives people to CFN from Google and other search engines.  Here’s a snapshot from this morning of the last 30 searches that brought viewers to us.

We were asked about the site started by our former tech person, failed politician, and mediocre mimic,  Chris Savard.    We have not included it in this list because a vast majority of its traffic comes from aggregation.    There’s nothing wrong per se with aggregation, but it’s pass through traffic in the sense that stories from other media appear and draw eyeballs only to have them click on the links and move to another site.

We have a sister website, that we experimented with aggregation and it works really well and Daily Dish is about to be re-activated.   Here on CFN though we like our news home cooked as apparently many of you do too!

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Hockey season is fast approaching as well as the return of Parliament and our new Arts & Culture Partnership program goes to stage two this month as well!  It’s going to be a busy Autumn and we’ll be here for you as the Ontario election approaches as well.

If you have any comments or wish to reach us please do so at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

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