Ask Captain Dan: What advice will you give to a person who is on the plane for the first time ? Our Resident Pilot Answers Flight Questions.

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What advice will you give to a person who is on the plane for the first time ?Question asked by Excebia


Simply, enjoy the experience.  Many people who fly for the first time like the experience and would not travel any other way.  For travelling to distant places, one hour of flight equates to approximately 8 hours on the road.
It is a human nature to be apprehensive about experiencing something unknown.  However, millions of people travel by air every day and every night.  Airtravel in 21st century is safer than ever before and has a better safety record than travelling by road or rail.
During the flight you may experience some turbulence and hear some noises.  Turbulence is similar to a boat riding over waves on a lake, albeit the waves in the air we cannot see.  Therefore we recommend that you always have your seatbelt fastened even if the Fasten Seatbelt sign is turned off.  You may hear sounds in the airplane produced by the landing gear moving up and down, flight controls and hydraulic systems. These sounds are normal.
For your first flight you may chose a window seat close to the front of the airplane.  Sitting by the window allows you to enjoy beautiful sights that you can only see from an airplane.
Your flight crew, pilots and flight attendants, are highly trained and skilled professionals who fly in the airplanes hundreds of hours every year.  Their role is to fly you to your destination Safely and Comfortably.  Most of the time you do not see the pilots who are at the controls of the airplane.
However, when you board the airplane, you can ask a flight attendant if you can visit the flight deck.  Workload permitting, the pilots will be happy to show you the flight deck before or after the flight, tell them that you are first time on an airplane.  After four decades of flying, every day when I go to work I enjoy the flight, as if it was my first one.

A bit more about Captain Dan:

Captain Dan Baz enrolled in Flight School at the age of 16.

He has completed studies in Aircraft Engineering and Master of Business Administration. He has been at the controls of many different types of aircraft, from single engine Cessnas to large intercontinental jets on global routes.

Over the last four decades he has flown thousands of hours up in the blue sky.

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