The Cornwall Free News hits our Highest Alexa Ranking to Date! Demographics and our Top Ten Cities for the week of September 10, 2011

Cornwall – ON It’s been a busy week here for us at The Cornwall Free News.   The provincial election has been hot here in SD&SG and back to school time is creating a lot of interest in topics to be working on.    I get asked occasionally who reads CFN and the chart above gives you a hint as we’ve steadily had Women 35-44 be our number one top demographic.

We also achieved our highest ever Alexa ranking this week as we continue to try and bring you News, Views, and Reviews, which always takes me to odd and interesting places.    It looks like 2012 will bring some fascinating changes to The Cornwall Free News as we’ve had some interesting meetings, but more on that to come!

Thanks again to all of you, our amazing viewers, young and old, men and women, for making us the number one Canadian ranked media site in our region!

A special shout out to our top ten cities this week!

1) Ottawa our Nation’s capitol!

2) Cornwall ourhometown

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Prescott

6)  Kingston

7) Calgary

8) London ON

9) Kitchener

10) Hull

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