Desperate Hudak team sends in the Horsemen. MPP Lisa MacLeod Joins Mr. McFuddle Mayor Jim MacDonell at Hate Fest in Cornwall Ontario – Saturday September 10, 2011

Desperate South Glengarry Citizens hope to bump Mayor McFuddle UP to get rid of him.

Cornwall ON –   Isn’t it odd that that Progressive Conservative candidate for SD&SG Jim “McFuddle” McDonell has to have baby sitters when he has a speaking engagement?  Usually it’s Steve Clark, a very

Mayor McFuddle

strong politician who doesn’t seem to need full day  Kindergarten the way that Mr. McFuddle does.

Jim  had MPP Lisa MacLeod with him today at their  cross burning political rally to bash immigrants, short change the needs of Ontario, and lash out at a program that has elements of a failed PC concept from a while back.

Ms MacLeod baby sat Mr. McFuddle at a rally here in Cornwall last winter wailing away at the injustice of hydro costs when Cornwall has a really great deal on hydro getting it from Quebec as opposed to most other areas of the province which I guess she’s not been aware of…

Having a trained doctor working as a security guard while you have a shortage of doctors doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.   For most true fiscally conservative people and voters I’m sure it doesn’t make sense either; especially if you’re waiting for a doctor in an emergency ward or don’t have a GP.

Last I checked Doctors pay more tax than minimum wage earners as well. Doesn’t it make sense that anything that you can do to help get people into positions where the government can tax them to death like the rest of us is a good thing?

From today’s PC “news” release:

 The foreign worker affirmative action scheme will mean that more than 550,000 Ontario job seekers will find it harder and harder to find good paying jobs thanks to Dalton McGuinty.

Really?  Do you know of any unemployed Doctors?  Skilled professionals from Ontario that can’t get jobs because of immigrants?   What a silly and totally insane statement from anyone that would want to be in charge of the economic  engine of Canada?

Same goes for a few more professions, but reading the rhetoric gets tiring.

“Even though Ontario’s unemployment rate has soared above the national average for 55 straight months, Dalton McGuinty thinks it is fair to pay for a foreign worker to get a job in Cornwall ahead of the unemployed workers who live here.”

– Jim McDonell, Ontario PC Candidate, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry


Do you really have to lie or mislead voters?   Is Mr Hudak and his team so desperate as they plunge in the polls with scandals dropping from the sky like gifts to the opposition that they have to just throw crap on the wall hoping desperately for something to stick?

Randy Hillier’s Tax Bomb is all over the news wires; and Mayor McDonell faces his own scandal Monday night as he presides over a near 300% water tax hike that will hit seniors and those on fixed incomes brutally.    LINK

Landlord talks about the impact of Mayor McFuddle’s Tax Jack


Is this the leader we want representing us in SD&SG?

It’s time for politicians to be held accountable for some of the crap they drop during elections and it’s time for we voters to be held accountable for falling for some of it.

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comment below.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. I thought Hudak’s plan was to offer a 400 dollar credit for language training to new people coming here. Which is nothing like a 10,000 tax credit to hire a professional that has been here less than 5 years, but can’t work because their education does not meet Canadian standards.
    This education verification issue has been around for a long time and no one is fixing it! I worked with a Doctor from Haiti in 1987 in a job that was below his education, but the training standards were different here.

    Party Leaders and other seasoned candidates are in the press all the time, if this is coaching or helping a riding, good for them, which in turn is good for us. It also helps media to fill pages, I imagine.

    I would imagine the rest of the province is jealous of the hydro deal in Cornwall, but I assume all taxpayers are paying for our Hydro Consortium, directly or indirectly.

    Are there any politicians who don’t say the wrong thing? I heard last week that the Ottawa centre Liberal said he knocked on 30,000 doors over the last 3 years. Wow, how did he find time to do anything else……

  2. I just wish you’d work as hard to find dirt on the NDP and Liberal candidates.

  3. Author

    Yvan maybe, just maybe there’s not as much dirt to find on them?

  4. Not sure about Steve Clark being a strong politician Jamie. He’s my MPP in Leeds Grenville. Apart from mugging for cameras at ribbon-cutting ceremonies, I’m not aware of anything he’s done since taking over from Bob Runciman a couple of years ago. As long as he never gets caught pulling a Peewee Herman, he’ll have a job for life in Leeds Grenville.

  5. Jamie I love you but I wish you would just turn your web-site red until October 6th, 2011….lol!

    A large majority of the population think this initiative is horrible! Just like the HST! Typical McGuinty vote buying scheme in full affect!

    Do you honesty believe qualified Doctors are being turned away? Our government pays Doctors! Do not try to confuse the public by making people think this plan is to attract Doctors! This money is available to employers only and reimburses them to help hire new employees only! What employer is going to hire a Docotor to treat the public?

    Why should the government not pay to hire a local professional over a foreign professional! Define professional! It is for any service and why can’t I hire my brother-in-law Architect fresh out of college over a 50 year old unemployed immigrant who can’t speak english?

    Accept that this is was a bad choice and then we can all move on! We all make ooops -ies and this is a big one! I think Mark is playing to all those “NEW CANADIANS!” that helped him win the Liberal nomination but again this can make you lose an election becasue more people are hate this idea rather want to support it!

    Remember immigrants are a minority and you need a majority to win an election! I am personally having people ask me about this specific topic and I despise the entire idea of segregation! Giving incentives to any new graduate from specified recognized program, no matter of race or nationality, is fair and a positive program all can support! Not just for immigrants!

    I can honestly say I am not racist my best friend is Vietnamese, I am fluently bilingual and I played soccer with many poeple of different nationalities who I consider dear friends! However, I truly hate this initiative and all agree that incitives shoud be available to all based upon qualifications and not demographics such as age, race, sex, etc.!

  6. Author

    No Mike. I stand by my position. This program isn’t about attracting doctors, but easing their transition into our system. I have a friend who brought his bride over from India where she was a professional nurse. We have a nursing shortage in Canada, partly because the US ends up with a lot of our nurses and because of the mess of the Harris era.

    As a province, we would benefit if people like her were practicing their craft sooner, rather than later. As for racism; it’s not that if you oppose this you’re a racist; but if you look at some of the comments and twists being stated by certain Hudak and McFuddle supporters it’s really not hard to connect the dots…

  7. Author

    Geez furtz I think I basically wrote that yesterday…..

  8. The only party leader with integrity so far in this campaign is Andrea Horwath Ontario New Democratic Party. It looks like the best man for the job is a woman.

  9. If we have a shortage of Nurses and she is “qualified”, in Canada, then why is it hard for her to find work?

    I have two former employees who just graduated and had to move to another city due to the lack of full-time jobs available! Due to personal experience and my mother being a PSW I can tell you that most Long Term care facilities and Hospitals Do NOT have a hard time finding Full-Time Nurses they have a hard time finding Nurses happy to work Part-Time or temporary!

    Most of the immigrants that can not find a job although they are “qualified” is due to the fact that we do not recognize many of there degrees or credentials here in Canada! I believe this funding would be better spent helping immigrants with language issues and helping them gain certification in Canada!

  10. Author

    Willie I think that’s a tacitly inaccurate statement….

  11. Are you going to burn your bra Willie?

  12. Being an old Dipper, I almost agree with Willie, but not quite. Except for Hudak, I think we have some pretty smart and talented party leaders in the race. It’s way to soon to predict, but some are saying that we could end up with a minority government that could become a co-collision government and on and on….

  13. I like that “co-collision” word, but I meant “coalition”.

  14. Author

    Hi Furtz,

    I’m not seeing a Minority government at the moment…

  15. I appoligize Willie. My quip was not meant to insult but mearly to carry on the reference to the 70″s womens lib rallying cry “The best man for the job is a woman.” ….and then they burned their bras. Perhaps you are not old enough to remember that.

  16. I don’t see a minority, but I sure as hell didn’t see a Harper majority last May either. I think if we are lucky, we’ll have a Frat-Boy minority, with the balance of power held by adults. Interesting times.

  17. Reg (:

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