World Remembers 911 on the Tenth Anniversary – September 11, 2011 9/11

Cornwall ON –  So where were you 10 years ago today?   I was sitting at my desk in Huntingdon Quebec talking with my friend Sharon in Pennsylvania.    She became startled and I switched the TV to CNN (I still used cable then as opposed to now where I only watch the net)  I haven’t spoken to Sharon in years, but that morning we shared 911; not getting off the phone until I realized that my friend Melanie lived near the World Trade Centers.

When I finally reached Mel she was so messed up she couldn’t speak English.    I can’t imagine what it felt like to be there and see the air turn ash and feel your lungs choking and as the air slowly cleared to realize those buildings were no more and not knowing what happened, was happening, and what might happen next….

9/11 The Falling Man Doc


About 3,000 people died that died.   Probably more have died since from complications from the disaster.    Fire Fighters and Rescuers paid the highest price sadly.    Words can for me never truly capture the essence of 911.   Isn’t it funny that the number many of us dial for help in an emergency was the date of this event?

There still are many more questions regarding 9/11 than answers.   Conspiracy theories have sprouted whole industries, but in the end we lost thousands and lives, some very large buildings, and our way of life, because since 911 things have never been the same nor will they ever be, and that for me was the biggest loss of that truly sad day in our history.

So what were you doing on 911?  What do you remember from that time?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. The world does not remember 9/11. 9/11 was not a global event. Hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered and killed in war and conflict on behalf of America since then, where is America’s commemoration for them? We can all agree the twin towers were destroyed by terrorists, we just don’t agree who they were. Half of America says it was an inside job. 80% of Europe says it was an inside job. When I look at the plane crash photos in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon I don’t see any baggage, diapers, teddy bears or body parts in the debris field – no one did. Americans have a long history of killing Americans for profit and politics.

  2. Roy, there is being contrary and then therre is being rude. If we can’t agree on the politics of 9/11 we can at least agree that 3000 people died that day and some of them Canadian. Millions of people have died from Malthusian events over the history of mankind and we remember them all in different ways. We remember the victims of the Haitian earthquake, the Sunami in the Asian seas, disaster in Japan, the drought in Somalia and the genocides in various parts of Africa and Europe. Yes we even remember the victims of hurrican Katrina in the Gulf States no matter what our opinion of US foreign policy.

    Perhaps acts of terrorism is the Malthusian event of the 21st century. We don’t have to celeberate the politics behind these events but we do have to honour the victims.

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