Hudak PC candidate “Mr. McFuddle” Mayor Jim McDonell Moonwalks on Water Tax SPIKE – Vote deferred until after the Provincial Election – September 13, 2011

Lancaster ON –  It was an educational night in Lancaster Ontario as Mayor Jim “McFuddle” McDonell, who also is the PC candidate for SD&SG Moonwalked on by law  32-11 which would have raised water taxes for multi residential buildings by almost 300%.

Building owner Sue and one of her tenants before the meeting.


Things heated up for the mayor and council after a group of building owners organized last Thursday night.  (earlier story with VIDEO )  The council meeting Monday night packed the small township hall with concerned residents and building owners.

It was clear before the meeting that there would be a deferral, but council wanted to make a presentation to the group, and then not only allowed their spokesperson Dean Slaney to present to council; ended up having an open conversation with members of the audience shouting out questions and comments.

Clip one of the By law deferrment


The group wanted the by law struck down, but ended up negotiating a six week deferment.

Liberal candidate Mark A MacDonald, a former city councilor of nearby Cornwall Ontario was present for the meeting as well and we had a chance to interview him prior to the meeting.  He said after that he’d never seen a council meeting of this nature before.


It was also odd for someone that just protested in Cornwall last Saturday as Mr. McFuddle did about the $10,000 tax credit to help immigrants to Canada expedite into their trained professions have at least one member of his team; paid for with tax payer dollars; live in Quebec.    It’s funny how some in Cornwall complain about city staff not living in the city, but in a whole other province?   Moonwalking seems a Hudakian stratagem of late as the Hudak team has just changed the wording of their attacks on the $10,000 tax credit as well.   LINK

Kudos to Councilor Bill McKenzie who actually pushed to vote on the by law thus striking it down, but he was out argued by the Mayor and his CAO.  (You have to watch out for those CAO’s 🙂 )

Mayor McDonell has yet to respond to our query whether he will now take a leave of absence as Mayor of South Glengarry to pursue his attempt to become MPP or continue to draw salary while campaigning?  The Hudak campaign seems riddled with scandal as candidates like Randy Hillier and Jim McDonell create bombs for the rookie party leader  to circumvent which could be why he’s lost his lead in the polls as reported this morning.


Moon Walking video


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  1. A 300 % increase on multi-residence dwellings is not fair because it targets people of lower income. Given the choice, families of means generally live in single family dwellings. ERGO, this is Jim McDonnell’s tax on the lower income citizens. And he calls Dalton McGuinty the “Taxman”…..hello pot…this is kettle….I don’t believe you’ve been formally introduced….

  2. If you stuck around until the end of the meeting on Monday night, you would have heard Mayor McDonell announce he was taking a leave of absence, effective immediately.

  3. Author

    Hi Steve, if Mayor McDonell responded to emails I’d know that too 🙂

  4. Jamie Labonte, with the increase, annual water costs amounts to, and you can do the math from Sue’s video in another posting on this site, 375 dollars a year. That is showering, cooking, drinking, watering plants etc for almost a dollar a day, which seems resonable.

    Not having an explanation ready and offered freely of why it is needed, is not resonable.

    Admin, if you were called McFuddle openly, would you respond to emails? LOL
    Has McGuinty responded to mails from other news sites that call him McFibber?

  5. Author

    Eric probably a lot better than Mr. McFuddle has. If your skin is that thin you shouldn’t be a politician and as you’re a long time viewer of CFN I’m sure you’ve seen posters call me far worse. Also, wasn’t it Mr. McFuddle who called our Premier a “Racoon”? While partisan politics and elections are one thing Mr. McGuinty is still PREMIER. Disrespecting the office of our Provincial leader to me is not a sign of leadership or respect.

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