Cornwall Ontario fibre artwork to be included in art exhibit at 2012 London Olympics – September 12, 2011

CFN – A piece of fibre art representing Cornwall will be heading to the Olympic Games in London, England next year as part of a massive art exhibition.
The City of Coventry, England is creating a new art and cultural exhibit entitled Godiva Awakes. The legendary Lady Godiva rode naked on horseback through the streets of Coventry, covered only by her long hair, in order to champion social justice ideals.
Officials in Coventry are creating a 10-metre tall Godiva figure as part of a mobile public art project representing equality, fairness, social justice and sustainability. The modern Godiva will be outfitted with a giant coat featuring pieces of fabric from Coventry’s arts and crafts guilds as well as submitted fabric/artwork from Coventry’s twin cities, including Cornwall.
The City of Cornwall’s fabric art contribution was designed and executed by local artist Esther Bryan, creator of the well-known Quilt of Belonging.
As per the organizers’ wishes, Mrs. Bryan’s work was completed on a one-metre square piece of fabric in red, yellow and gold colours – colours that symbolize love, brotherhood and hope. The fabric piece features a combination of intricate fabric painting and hand-sewn gold embroidery.
Entitled “New Dawn,” Mrs. Bryans’ creation features a striking view of Cornwall. The arch of Cornwall’s new logo, done in goldwork, frames a view of the Seaway City at dawn as seen from the St. Lawrence River. Along the waterfront emerge landmarks such as the Cornwall Civic Complex, the cotton mills, the Nativity Co-Cathedral and the windmill at St. Lawrence College, while the golden reflections in the water reflect the colours of the new day.
“When I was approached about this project, I was really excited to participate,” said Mrs. Bryan, who spent countless hours working on the piece. “The piece speaks of the promise of the brighter future that’s in store for Cornwall, highlighting one of our greatest assets and the feature that has most shaped our identity, the river.”
The Godiva figure will be powered by 50 cyclists on a structure called the Cyclopedia, and it will travel to London on streets lined with flowers next year to help celebrate the Olympic Games. Beyond the Olympics, the Godiva project will be exhibited around the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.
“We are thrilled to have been invited to take part in this unique project, and we are equally thrilled with the piece of artwork that Mrs. Bryan produced,” said Councillor Denis Carr, who assisted Mrs. Bryan in the planning stages of her work. “Her piece stands as a testament to the great artists that we have here in Cornwall and surrounding area.”
Mrs. Bryan’s finished piece was unveiled at the City Council meeting on September 12, and it will be shipped off to the Godiva Awakes project team in Coventry shortly.
For more information on the Godiva Awakes 2012 project, please visit
Cornwall became a twin city with Coventry in 1972.

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