Cornwall Ontario Women’s Roller Derby Team Visits Montreal to Learn and Shop! September 12, 2011

Montreal QC – It was a blast of a day for Cornwall’s newly forming Women’s Roller Derby team and league!    The girls went down to not only buy some gear and clothing, but also had the chance to watch a scrimmage between one of the top Women’s teams of North America as they beat up on a newly formed men’s team.

It was interesting learning the game and seeing how much Speed Kills and how important agility is compared to pure brute strength.   This isn’t like the TV Roller Derby of the 70’s!   It’s a skill and team game and the facility in Montreal on Papineau was amazing!

The Cornwall girls got their chance to see a game up close, talk to the players and then go shopping at Neon Skate, the store on 77 Bernard West (near Boulevard St. Laurent) where they were able to buy skates, clothing; and equipment.


The next meeting for the group is this Thursday night starting at 8:PM at Lola’s on Pitt Street in beautiful downtown Cornwall Ontario!   You can also keep up with them on their Facebook page!


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