4.0 Earthquake Strikes near Ottawa Ontario – September 18, 2011 BREAKING

Choose CornwallCornwall ON – An earthquake struck near the Quebec – Ontario border (about 40 KM from Ottawa)  today in Canada at about 3:14 PM EST.  It was approximately 4.0 on the Richter scale.  Our first report came in from Hawkesbury Ontario.

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No reports of damage, loss of life, nor UFO’s or upset goats.  If you have any information or pictures please email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

We will be updating this story as info becomes available.


3:18 PM EST – Quake felt as far away as Ottawa – complaints about VOLP phone service in Cornwall.

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  1. Well here I was thinking it was on overhauled train…..people this is why smoking weed is fun! We will all get wiped out one day soon and going out happy is a good way to go

  2. I was in a restaurant at 3:20 PM, halfways between Ottawa and Hawkesbury when it happened, and everyone stopped what they were doing and just looked at each other. Together, we deduced that it had to be an earthquake.

    It was very brief (about 1 second), and sounded as if a giant military plane flew immediately above us at low altitude. I didn’t observe any predominant side-to-side or up-and-down motion, although there was a definitely strong vibration, but the sound was the most peculiar part. I was trying to detect the predominant axis of motion, but could not.

    I have been through many small earthquakes, but usually I was engaged in something that failed to make me equate the shaking with an earthquake, but this time, I noticed it distinctly. Hope that helps.

  3. you experience a sonic tsunami particle wave field passing through your body the sound was sonic you describe i believe the canadian shield will create these waves during shallow quakes mag. 2.5 and over they will shake you up for a while you will never forget the experience hope it is your last but i doubt it because the ultimate cause of the quake is approaching from space i am refering to so called comet elenin and the brown dwarf behind it

  4. I heard a thumping noise coming from upstairs that I had to yell to my kids thinking they are being loud but when it went beyond few seconds I went to check and there was no body upstairs and I thought it was an earthquake, but the weird part was there was no motion with it but rather just the noise. I hope no one got injured at the epicenter.

  5. If you have been following all the events of this year (quakes, weather patterns) etc, you would have expected this. Where the quake hit is antipodal to all the activity in the past few week in the Souhern Indian Ocean around Australia. Major activity always has a connnection. To put it simply, the Earth is a sphere with cracks in it. One crack begins on one side and ends on another. You can see that all the quakes in South American and Asia are also antipodal. You can fairly accurately predict where a second big quake will hit. Unfortunatley, with all the activity along the Northwest, Southwest part of the Ring of Fire, activity is increasing in the Southeast and Northeast. Alaska is now a daily target.My fear is it would be along the scale of Japan’s or larger. If not California, somewhere. Be prepared. If there is an eclipse of the Sun from the comet this upcoming week, (estimated somewhere between 9/22 and 9/25) we could have VERY high chance of the gravitational pull from the comet causing one or more major quakes. These would occur somewhere between 9/26 and 9/27. We have a few days to see if there will be any reprecussion from Elenin. Be safe my neighbors to the North.

  6. its not elenin, elenin already broke up into smithereens 2 weeks ago. it was a ploy the media used to distract us from the real danger, that is, planet x/nibiru. its currently on the inbound, now somewhere between the earth and the sun, causing all sorts of havoc on earth. it will only get worse until the giant comet flies by as the winged globe of legend. inform yourselves and prepare.

  7. Jesus, and I just thought it was my old lady passing gas again.
    Head for the hills!

  8. Obviously if we raise the carbon tax, that should cool the sun down and prevent further earthquakes.

  9. I was in Mirecville at my cotage and dident feel the earth quaque.

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