McGuinty UP – Hudak DOWN – Horvath to Cornwall – SD&SG two way Dog fight between Water Tax Man Mayor McFuddle Jim McDonell & Liberal Candidate – September 19, 2011

CFN –  As we enter week two of the Ontario provincial election things are heating up here in SD&SG.   Provincially the Liberals seem to have made up their lost ground.  According to Eric Grenier’s Three Hundred Eight site the Grits would form a minority government if the election had been September 14th which is a lot different than in previous weeks and months.

The 4th All Candidates debate is to take place in Martintown tonight.  So far it’s been a wild campaign with the Liberal and Conservative candidates duking it out.   This riding is one of those where vote splitting is a very real

Liberal candidate Mark A MacDonald with Premier McGuinty

concern as city Councilor and NDP candidate Elaine MacDonald threatens to tilt the riding blue by taking votes from Liberal candidate Mark A MacDonald.  (no relation)

The Conservatives as they tend to do around here are upstaging the arrival of NDP leader Andrea Horvath to Cornwall Tuesday, by parachuting Tim Hudak into Cornwall tonight.   (still no word back about our media accreditation for Mr. Hudak’s visit or our request for him to be a guest on

No word on whether Premier Dalton McGuinty will be visiting Cornwall.

Our internal polling shows that it’s a very close race with the Liberals just barely out in front as they are riding the plunge in PC numbers of late and the impact of the Water Tax and Quebec CAO of Mayor McDonell are resonating with voters as they become aware of it.   Mayor McDonell’s numbers in Cornwall were never that strong, but the PC support in the townships were what he is counting on.    The opposite is true for Ms MacDonald who is hoping to ride her success in Cornwall politics.

That tag team is the obstacle that Mark A MacDonald has to overcome to succeed the popular retiring Liberal MPP, Jim Brownell.

So far it’s too close to call.  What do you think?  You can post your comments below.

Best Western Cornwall


  1. I have faith in the people of Cornwall to put their trust in Mark Macdonald. He’s worked hard for Cornwall all his life as a firefighter and now as a public servant. He’s not in it for himself. He’s here to help his community. He knows practically everyone he talks to by name and he remembers that name. That’s the kind of MPP you want representing your riding.

  2. Paul Martin remembered everyone’s name also 🙂 Would never vote him back in 🙂

  3. Author

    Me either. Paul Martin is what’s wrong with this country.

  4. Wait a minute, Paul Martin may have had obvious faults, and I wasn’t a big fan. However, he was also the architect of the Kelowna Accord.

    This universal agreement among provincial premiers, the feds and aboriginal chiefs promised to be a game-changer in correcting Canada’s national shame–the rights and the plight of Canada’s native peoples…who are worse off, says Martin, than the victims of oppression he has seen in the Congo. The Kelowna Accord was promptly cancelled by guess who.

    Undaunted, Martin is persevering towards his Kelowna goal, now with the help of corporate Canada (follow his interview with Michael Enright on CBC Radio 1 “The Sunday Edition”, yesterday, September 18th).

    With this single initiative, Martin puts our current political masters to shame.

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