Cornwall Ontario Water Tests at the Top of the Class! 3rd Annual Perfect Score from Ontario Ministry of the Environment – September 20, 2011

Cornwall ON – For the third straight year, the City of Cornwall’s Water Purification Plant has scored a perfect inspection rating from the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

“These results confirm that the citizens of Cornwall enjoy drinking water that is second to none,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “City staff is committed to maintaining the safety and quality of our drinking water, and residents can be confident that we are on the right track.”


The City of Cornwall received a 100 % inspection rating in the Chief Drinking Water Inspector’s Annual Report for 2009-10, which was recently released to the public.

Cornwall’s drinking water system has undergone significant investments in recent years, including a $10-million upgrade to the Water Purification Plant in 2006. Work is currently underway on a $1-million project to upgrade filters at the Purification Plant.

“These ongoing investments will ensure that residents and businesses continue to have access to a high-quality water supply for years to come,” said Owen O’Keefe, Water Purification Plant Supervisor.

About Cornwall’s Drinking Water
Cornwall’s water distribution system consists of an intake site and a state-of-the-art Purification Plant on Second Street West along with a reservoir and elevated storage tank. Over 12 million cubic metres of fresh clean water is pumped annually through 200-plus kilometres of water mains to homes and workplaces throughout the City.

The water is treated according to standard water purification methods using poly aluminium chloride, chlorine and Ultra-Violet disinfection.

As per the Safe Drinking Water Act, the City of Cornwall conducts over 600 water samples on regularly scheduled intervals throughout the year.

For more information on the City’s drinking water system, including the 2010 Drinking Water Quality Report, visit the Environment section of the City website (

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