Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Saving Money During Holidays – Seasonal Energy Tips! – September 21, 2011

CFN – Holidays often signal a buying spree for items which are often only used once then delegated to the curb to languish in our over burdened land fill sites.
So Earth Matters wanted to share some wonderful information which we stumbled upon which can help to raise funds for community organizations, can save households money and can make better use of the many resources that have been put into the holiday items already purchased and no longer needed.
Enter National Costume Swap Day.  Yes folks, there is an official day, which this year is designated as October 8th, 2011.  More information can be obtained at HERE.

This is a wonderful idea which suggests an avenue to repurpose the costumes of last year and find the new attire for this year’s celebration. “” advocates families, friends, community organizations or schools organize these swaps and welcome all groups to make free use of their website to advertise their swap event.

We also wish to remind our readers that Costume Rental businesses in your community offer earth friendly solutions to your costume needs.

Now that fall is officially just a couple of days away, (physically noted by the morning frost this week-end)  we wanted to share some money, energy saving tips that can make your home and business environment more comfortable.  Being environmentally respectful can save resources and dollars.  How great is that?

Have your furnace and air exchanger serviced annually.  Cleaning or replacing air filters and insuring moving parts are maintained as suggested by the manufacturer insures optimal performance of your equipment.  Whether you perform this function yourself or engage someone to do it for you, this helps maintain the life and efficiency of your equipment.

During the colder temperature of the year, consider leaving your bath water in the tub after use to take advantage of the residual heat from the water until it cools.  Then empty the tub.  This also adds some humidity to your surroundings if you have a dry environment.

If your hot water heater pipes run through a cooler part of your home or business, consider insulating them. If this doesn’t help in getting hot water to your tap faster and you do not wish to run that cooler water down the drain before the hot water arrives consider how you can use that cooler water. A few thoughts for consideration: water the plants, use it for washing or keep it in a separate container for cooking, just to name a few.

Draft proof your home.  This is one of the most economical fixers that we can do.  Seal drafts around doors, windows and electrical outlets with weather-stripping and/or calking.  If your fireplace is not being used, insure the damper is closed.  Your local hardware stores are a great source of information for performing these functions and can supply all the tools necessary for such an undertaking.

Combine many chores in each outing requiring your vehicle.  A significant savings of your time and dollars can be accomplished by combining tasks in one trip by car every other day rather than making a trip each day.  Also, consider other modes of transport such as public transport, walking or biking which save fuel, infrastructure, dollars and give the added benefit of physical and mental well being.

Lastly fall and winter usually find us partaking in more home cooked meals.  Avoid excessive packaging and wrapping your municipality, town or city does not recycle.  Consider using more certified organic products.  These products are often produced locally and incorporate earth sustainable practices which use fewer or no chemicals.

Please share this information far and wide with friends and family members.  We encourage and welcome your suggestions which can help us live with respect to our living earth below or to


  1. Great article Jacqueline, as always such wonderful advice.

  2. Thank you Stan. Your support is appreciated.

  3. Great ideas. Thanks for mentioning National Costume Swap Day. It’s really grown to be a phenomenon probably due more to money savings than Earth savings, but we’ll take it either way!

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