The Cornwall Free News – Still the number one Canadian ranked news site online in the Cornwall Ontario region! September 21, 2011

Cornwall ON –   We’re still number one in online news in the Cornwall Ontario region!     Thanks to all of you, our viewers that keep us there!   We are the number one Canadian ranked News site online (via and have been since March!   It isn’t easy though, and we appreciate all of the input that you, the public send us!

Today our Canadian Alexa ranking is 2,065.    We’re followed by the Sun owned Standard Freeholder who’ve moved up to 3,385, the Corus owned The Cornwall Daily at 5,389, and the Trans Continental weekly Cornwall Seaway News at an improving 17,424.

Over 85% of our web traffic is from Canada too!

Just a note that my former contract web guy, Chris Savard, who started what he calls a hub?  Likes to splash his numbers, but his site uses what’s called aggregation. What that does is use links from media like the Ottawa Citizen, TSN, and major news sources to draw in traffic which pass through to their originators.  We had a test site up; Daily Dish News for example which was a news aggregation site  like the Drudge Report or Bourque Newswatch.

There’s nothing wrong with aggregation, but you can’t compare it to actual news sites that create content.  For example almost 40% of you that visited CFN in the last month were regular viewers.   In the last month our average pages per visit was 1.81, but in our largest markets the number was 1.86 for Ottawa, 2.38 for Cornwall, and in Prescott Ontario you folks read 4.0 pages per visit!   The average visit length was 1.53 minutes overall, but 2.51 minutes in Cornwall.

13.26 % of our viewers visit us 25 or more times per month!

Numbers are always important, but integrity and truth is more important in understanding them.

Maybe Mr. Savard can explain the Lift Off numbers from while he was President of that organization instead of hollow half  truths?   I’d love to see how his numbers would fare if he stopped the aggregation and created his own content?  I know CFN has published over 4,000 items in less than three years.   People like content.  I know I do when I read other sites. is back!   We just launched our first two shows;   Good Morning from 9:00 AM EST and On Target, our political show will be starting shortly.  We hope to make more programming announcement soon.  If you want to share our radio platform email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

You’ll also be seeing less of me after the Provincial elections as I have to finish Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge so that it’s on time for the Holidays and I have a new writing project that will be taking me to beautiful Los Angeles for a bit.  We’re going to be exposing some new and old talent on The Cornwall Free News and

Our Top Ten Markets for the Last 30 Days

1) Ottawa  30.28%

2) Cornwall 19.63%

3) Toronto 12. 20%

4) Montreal 3.82 %

Kingston, Calgary, Prescott, Vancouver, London,and Edmonton round out our top ten Canadian cities!     We’re also excited to be visiting Brockville Ontario next week!   We’ll be shooting video and interviewing some key players in what’s quickly becoming known as Brock Vegas and look at some of the impressive steps taken to develop their waterfront and economy!

Talk soon!

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News & Seaway Radio

James Moak

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