Should CFN Cover the Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Debate? POLL – September 23, 2011

CFN – Boy it’s been a busy debate season since our first All Candidates debate at the Best Western PLUS Parkway Inn & Conference video debate on July 29.    I’ve listened to an awful lot of speeches which is why we may not be covering the Chamber of  Commerce debate at the Cornwall Civic complex.     I’d like to.   I know you folks like when I do, and I’m in a particular conundrum as I’m on the board!

Now I take being on any board very seriously.   When the late Joe Gunn encouraged me to run he saw that I was a firm believer in Evolution not Revolution, or he was tired of my pointing out he obvious issues that the Chamber staff and board were exhibiting.

But when you join a board there are certain principles that you have to adhere to.    Once a vote on an issue has taken place you have to support the board no matter what.   So for instance if the board voted on something totally whacky and only one person voted against it; once it’s done that person has to smile; at least publicly.

As many of our loyal CFN viewers know there was an issue before I joined the board where Chamber staff blocked me from covering the Federal debate.   I was greeted at the door by staff with security in tow.   After informing me that I could only video from certain points and the tone and manner in which this was delivered I elected to leave.

Change, even from within can be a very slow process.  There will always be some people that you cannot convince that water is wet; but positive change is always a good thing no matter what the price.  For example the Chamber has now agreed to show the vote counts from its elections (when I ran they refused to show vote totals as it wasn’t their policy at the time)

I’m a firm believer that  all board members of any group should always vote for and act towards the best interest of the group they represent.    I’m also a firm believer that a group’s best interest is getting as much coverage and media support as possible which puts me personally in a conundrum because I have to support the board which I’m a part of.

On the platform with Mini Me's replacement ME 2 from JVC - Next to CTV at major media event.

That being said it may simply be easier to not cover this debate as important as it is to all of us than be shunted to a side because frankly if we can’t deliver the best product possible, and if I can’t do the best job I can it hurts our product, and doesn’t allow me to deliver the best possible coverage of any event.

I think a Chamber of Commerce is vital to the lifeblood of any community it serves.  I know I’ll be running again this December, and will be with a slate of some new blood; business people that want to help  change, grow, and evolve our community.   There’s so much more that we can be doing, and I want to be a part of positive change, but more of that to come once the elections start.

So before I make my decision to cover the Chamber debate from a hastily marked spot off to an angle I thought I’d ask you, those that would have to watch that if you want us to cover the debate in this fashion or spend the time on another story.   You can post your comments below and vote in our poll question.

Should CFN cover the chamber debate if they are not allowed equal access to shoot video and stream live radio?

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James Moak


  1. I think that the question to ask is whether they want you there…..or not?

  2. A man that does not live by his heart convictions, ceases to be a man, and becomes a puppet! Or as the Bible puts it – “men pleasers”. How to live by one’s heart convictions is not always easy, but God’s grace is sufficient. I don’t mind standing alone, as long as God stands with me. Praying for Jamie!

  3. Author

    Thank you Tom. It’s much appreciated. While we may not always agree I don’t think too many question your commitment to your beliefs. Sometimes we have to suffer slings and arrows to get to Nirvana….

  4. admin, you forgot “outrageous fortune” in that last sentence.

  5. Author

    Tom I don’t. I’ve studied a lot of different religions. I recently attended some lovely services here in Cornwall. Great buzz and lovely people. It’s always important for me to have an open mind and learn things. Each group has its merits and flaws. In 12 Step programs they say “take what you want and leave the rest”

  6. Wish my bank manager would say that……

  7. That may be good for secular humanism and getting good with the community, but it won’t get you to heaven, nor will it get you real peace and acceptance with the Living God of Heaven

  8. Oh no… don’t tick off the magic guy in the sky…

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