Thomas Mulcair Top of List to Replace Jack Layton as Leader of the NDP. – September 23, 2011

Thomas Mulcair at Olympia Theatre Rally

CFN – Politics is a dog eat dog game, and sometimes what makes obvious sense never happens.     The Federal NDP party is now infighting about who should replaced popular former leader Jack Layton who died of his cancer related illness recently.

The top dog is Outremont MP Thomas Mulcair who really lit the match in what became the epitome of not only Jack Layton’s legacy, but the greatest political victory of the NDP in the May 2011 election which saw them garner 103 seats; 60 more than the record of 43 set by Ed Broadbent.

That usually doesn’t happen in politics.  The NDP went from 37 to 103 seats in one election.    The key to that growth was started by Thomas Mulcair’s first ever victory in Quebec for the party in the Outremont riding; a long time bastion since the days of Pierre Trudeau.

Mr. Mulcair, as the Quebec Lieutenant played a key role in that success literally destroying the Separatist Bloc Quebecois.     It’s wasn’t Brian Topp, the party president hugging or introducing Jack Layton at the Olympia rally, in the heart of Gilles Duceppes riding which many thought was the nail in Mr. Duceppes Federal career( he lost the seat), but Mr. Mulcair.


So why the heated race?  After all to have any chance of maintaining their seats in the next election.  They will need a leader that can take on Mr. Harper as the Liberals discovered with Michael Ignatieff;  nice educated teacher types finish last in elections.

No for any political leader to have a chance at beating Mr. Harper they have to not only be better; but they have to be willing and able to duke it out with our Prime Minister as he starts his aim to be the John Diefenbaker of his age.   And the Liberals will be smarting for a return to power too with rumours that if Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty wins a majority in the October provincial elections he would be the star candidate to face off in the future Federal election.

The rub that some are saying about Mr. Mulcair is that he’s abrasive, and that the West won’t support him, but his main rival,   Party President Brian Topp doesn’t even have a seat, and it remains to see if he’ll run in Jack Layton’s riding in the soon to be announced by-election.

Canada loves its firebrand politicians.  It did in Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, and so far Thomas Mulcair’s record shows nothing but first place finishes.

Interesting times indeed for the NDP.  What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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